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Sandy Bay.Hanover.Jamaica.


Juliet Christie CEO

  This is an educational site intended to help you get well.  We provide information on lifestyle diseases and how to manage them naturally.  

 Pharmaceuticals are not your first choice of action . You must be able to manage your health through lifestyle practices and natures medicines. These are the true First Aid healers, available to all free of cost.

We all should  make use of good nutrition, practice daily exercise,  drink enough water,  make use of sunshine , access fresh air by learning to breath properly, abstain from putting harmful things  in our bodies and learn how to communicate  with the Almighty creator of  all healing energies.

  Your next step is to learn how to clean your body organs and systems through detoxification ,next is to repair and build them to operate at peak performance.
Some of the simple tools of nature available to you are natural herbs, nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy and massage.
Pharmaceuticals do have their place in bringing relief but they rarely correct the underlying causes .

 So use them when you must to bring short term relief but with extended use you must pay the price by the side effect they produce or make conditions worse

We will post healing protocols that you may read and make educated choices.We will post some books , sites and products that we think you will benefit from.The weight loss program is simple but effective if you follow all the instructions.

You will be introduce to some herbal teas which because of geography you may not be able to obtain but if you make a contribution you will be able to get the recipes online.

 If your country allows we could make a combination of the dry formula and post it to you  or  we have research this company that makes herbal products and they contain the same ingredients we would use for a special formula suitable to the system balance you wish to achieve. You could look at them and make an educated choice

We do have a  body system health assessment form on this site it will help you identify each body system that  is weak and needs improvement and  suggest products recommendation for each.  Remember healthy body systems  perfect and healthy bodies.


 You will also get an idea of how to use herbs to help you with some of your common health problems like block tubes in females and the universal problem fibroid.

  You will also be introduced to recipes that can help you to get your meat and milk substitutes in your effort to reduce your intake of animal food.

Spirituality is also not to be overlooked as many diseases are cured because of the faith in the Divine Jesus and God who have the power to heal if one believe and make the impossible possible.
The mountains in your life can be removed as many of them are stress related . 

You will be helped by the information on how to improve your spiritual walk ,do not take likely the books recommended.
We hope you will fine value on this site that will make you a healthier and happier person.

You may visit us personally at our location in Sandy Bay,Hanover Jamaica. 

You may also email us and we can help you plan  treatment protocols specially designed to manage your lifestyle diseases,be it cancer, aids diabetes, high blood pressure, just email us or call  

1876 8685692.

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