How to Prevent and manage memory loss



Are you afraid of not remembering where you have placed important documents. Forgetting which bank you had saved some money for a rainy day and whose name you had on it  as joint account owners.

Have you joined some affiliate marketing programmers and completely forgotten what and where you have joined.

You have to develop a strategy to help you. Design a special area or drawer to help you

Keep all important documents in one area.  Bank information. Money generating projects like shares. Affiliate marketing . Notes and pass  codes for systems like security cameras. solar system etc .Have specific sections in a safe for them.


Visit this place every 3 to 6 months so your memory will be refreshed 

Your eyes glasses and keys keep them in one place so you will always find them. And you will not waste valuable time and increase your frustration and anxiety searching all over for them.

If you do not go to the placed where you have these information as the  years go by you will forget then

As you get older there is the tendency to be afraid to go on line

But the best way to keep up to date is to go online and try reading and following events.

Do some brain exercise repeating the alphabet backwards. Counting from a hundred backwards. try remembering your children full name and their date of birth.

Find some programmers or site to add your input .Write your experience help someone solve a  problem. In this  those will help your brain to stay alert and sharp

As we age we need to take  some natural  supplement to strengthen  the  brain and increase memory.

Guto kola. Gingko biloba  Bacopa. Monnieri , Rosemary. Club moss. Rhodiola see how they Will greatly enhance your brain power

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