Stage 4 cancer can be cured naturally.

soursop fruits  leaves and fruits used to treat cancer


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Can you believe that you can cure your stage 4 cancer naturally? 

C├íncer is not a disease to be playing with.  It takes tenacity  and willpower to continue with protocol

 Products need to Cure stage 4 cancer naturally

The herbs to use are

1. soursop leaf  tea 1 cup,3 times daily

 2. apricot  seed 3 times daily 

3. black seed oil 1 tsp 3 times daily.

 Sounds easy, however, you must change your diet and lifestyle for them to be effective.

You must remove some foods from the diet while following this protocol. It may take you  2 years to be completely rid of the cancer cells. 

You must visit your doctor and get clearance from your doctor that you are cancer-free before you introduce any of the foods you removed while doing the protocol 

Items to remove from diet  to cure stage 4 cancer naturally

Remove sugars, soda, and pastries. like pies, puddings, cakes. and Ice cream. White flour. Red meat some seafood., most cooking oils and fats check on diet for cancer.

Some cosmetics like those that contain aluminum like deodorant.

Item to add to the diet for curing stage 4 cancer effectively

Add lots of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables Like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and other vegetables like carrots and beets roots and tops..
Add some but not-so-sweet fruits like green apples and vitamin c fruits. You see some cancer thrive on sugar so do not use too muc

watch the video to see how effective it is

1. Remember to do some exercise. Get some sunshine get proper rest and use water inside and outside to detox the body to get rid of the cancer cells as soon as they are destroyed. 

Do an Epsom salt glow scrub. You can also do a steam bath to move the blood around and move toxins out of the body.

An enema bag is of utmost importance to a cancer person. it is used to deliver enema  for the release 

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soursop leaves tea 

 apricot seed. 

And black seed oil 

Epsom salt.

 Warning do not use more than 3 apricot seeds each day. they contain B17 often referred to as cyanide the compound that destroys the cancer cells.

You can find more natural  cancer treatments help  

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see video  Here

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