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Inflammation Root of all Diseases

Inflammation o if the body is the principal cause of almost all diseases as this cause the immune system to be compromise. And disease like
  type two diabetes                  scleroderma                             myasthemia                           celiac               
multiple sclerosis                    Crohns  disease                          raynauds disease                 gravis 
  autoimmune hepatitis          Myositis                                           uveitis                              Cystitis
 graves disease                       polymyositis                                    oesteo arthritis                psoriasis

rheumatoid arthritis               sojgren syndrome                           asthma                            fibromyalgia 
ankylosis spondylitis               reiters bhceli                                    cluster headache              migraine
Macular degeneration ,          hypertension                                     inflammation            emphysemia

Carpel tunnel syndrome          prostrate                                          Alzheimer                  circulatory  

chromic fatique syndrome        anti phospholipids  syndrome        mental disorders  .                               
  Demyelinating  neuophatis    Just to name a few.

Three 7 underlying Cause Of Auto Immune Disease

1.     1.  Infection from known and unknown (known usually candida albicans over growth

2.     2.   Heavy metals  and other toxins *heavy metals  pesticide  and heavy metals) mercury  and amalgam filling , damage the immune  causing damage to body cellular respiration to be unable  to utilize oxygen effectively

3.      3. Deficiency in cellular oxygen .This affects the immune causing the body to br unable to burn off waste products.

4.       4. Immune system malfunction : Here the system turns  on bodysystems  thinking them to be invades  and produce so much inflammation to protect them  which inturn over produce the inflammation to the point t which destroys  the organs and system they should be protecting  Thus we have the auto immune conditions listed above

5.        5.Adrenal gland  (insufficiency  of hormone output) These release several hormones to help maintain  the bodies   biochemistry. One of these is hydrocortisone (AKA control) One of cortisol mai function is to balance the immune system especially  curtail any excess inflammation .Insufficient  cortisol production from the adrenal glands results in inflammation and weakens the ability to fight  inflammation and deal with detoxification

6.      6.  Food intolerance. Food allergy can cause  autoimmune problems . Eliminate any   food  that  cause the inflammation in the bowel and that fires up the whole immune system. Yje usual suspect are wheat, ad dairy products, but maybe other foods that yoi desire every day ( like sugae , coffee ) anyfood that when withdrawn cause protest  suggest that they are the addictive intolerant foods . One method of determining is to eliminate  a single food item for a 1-2  week then have a full portion  on the 7th  or 14 th day .If you have a bad reaction  to the food the you are intolerant.

7.       7.Nutritional difficiency: Celetic salt . magnesium,  vitamin D, Iodine Vitamin C                                   
  If these are lacking the immune will be compromise
 Suggested treatment for getting rid of inflammation cause from a compromise immune  which can lead to any one of the diseases  listed above

.1. Diet, diet ,diet. Cannot be stressed more. Try to stop eating the foods that leads to the build up of inflammation.  Eat fruits vegetable that provides antioxidants that help reduce the onslaught of environmental toxins from water, metal toxins, harmful  hydrocarbons,  pesticides and industrial and house hold chemicals  Junk foods in Styrofoam  containers, animal and dairy products , refine sugars,Just to name a few. Avoid using harmful products on your skin. The less chemical the products you put on your skin the better for you .use organic natural products.
Try the following products below use them in the order suggested The Ordering of Remedy


1. Immediately 
             Liquorices Concentrate:This is the first line of defence to check excessive inflammation.
  • Celtic Ocean Sea Salt:This is an unrefined salt with all its trace mineral stabilize the electro chemical functioning
2.    A few days after starting the above 
  • Vitamin D3 4000  IU unless one gets regular sun on skin  Vt.D, difficiency has be linked to poor immune function both from infections and autoimmune  you need 8000 IU daily
·                           Zell Immunocomplex  Nutritional remedy for rapidly  creating a competent immune system. It             supplies as it contains first respiratory ezymes. second If contains  significant quantity of beta              glucon to keep the immune system balanced Thirdly.  It contains multiple food  state                          Nutrients rendering daily significant overall nutrition status over all. It contains  antioxidant,               B vitamins, chromium.  if you are on iodine and selenium therapy  must continue selenium. as              the selenium in zell is not enough to replace it.  fourthly  It provides the additional                              prebiotics  thus allowing the healthy gut bacteria growth.
3. One weeks after the introduction of section 2 remedies above
·                                          DEHA and pregnenolone supplement  are best for balancing the adrenal  especially if                       you are over forty.Do a temperature test to see if you have adrenal or thyroid problem
                 Metabolic test  If you are not feeling up to par take  your temperature, not to determine if you have  a fever But to check your metabolic energy. Average day time temperature  98. 6 F (37 C). is optimal or normal.
                 A Lower temperature: that reflects a lower than normal  metabolic state  which is usually control by the thyroid mechanism.

               A wide variability of temperature reflect an unstable fatigue adrenal system. On the     way to health one wants to go from low unstable temperature to 98.6.
                Note: if you have adrenal problems do not take iodine.

·                         Mag Sea Pure  Magnesium is the third most important element for sustaining life                as well as reversing   disease and aging.  (In some cases, especially where the                      need is great and the nervous system is not  sound the effects of this can be                          stimulating (poor sleep is one example). This will usually only  last  for a few days                  before the benefits begin to build

        4. Two weeks after the introduction of section 3 remedies above 
                 Lugols Iodin solution: will eliminate almost all if not all pathogen, bacteria parasites ,                     fungal and infection Note: if you have adrenal problems do not take iodine.
Selenium Food state  counteracts the toxicity of heavy metals  counteracts chemical carcinogen  like mercury and cadmium ), protects anti oxidants

·                  MSM Organic Powder  is a wonderful agent to 'open' the cells, by improving                          membrane permeability so that toxins including heavy metals can permeate                        through  the cell membrane to exit via the extra cellular fluid and on  to the blood.

This program is  for educational  purposes  and is not intended  to replace  proper medical care . Using it you do so at your own risk.
Prepared by:  Juliet Christie Murray

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