Friday, April 17, 2020

You can prevent phneumonia if you get COVDI19

The coronavirus COVID 19
does not seem to be going any where soon.Jamaica who has done well for the past 12 weeks is not about to get community spread.
This had not to be but Jamaicans are one set of the most unruly people who are so head strong and think they know all and have rights

. They try to break every rule and try to out smart every system such as what took place in St catharine this week after the government found 50 cases of Covid19 in one of its call centers and thought it fit to lock down and 7 days quarantine the areas on st .Catharine where most of these individuals lived.

The unruly people that we are before curfew many of the residence of the area decided to flee the community and has now gone to almost all areas of Jamaica.

No one is sure if those who fled has the virus so many jamaicans are now living in fear.
Some were found and are now in government facilities quarantining but this has put stress on the government and the health facilities

However many of us will get ill and many will died because the country does not have enough resource should a large number of people get ill

The final stage of the virus infection leads to phneumonia . The best cure for the virus is stay home .wash and sanintize hands wear protective face mask clean all surfaces that can harbour the virus and most of all keep
your hand from you nose .mouth and eyes.

Many laymen try to give advice here are some suggestions in case you catch the virus. In the early stage use warm water to gargle throat.
Make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables to build your immune system

Drink fever grass tea at least 4 times daily. Drink lots of water preferable warm do not let your throat gets dry.

In case you start getting a sore throat, fever pain ,cough and shortness of breath and you have called the health authorities and they tell you to call when it get worst.worst may mean you may not recover
Here are the numbers you can
They are:

· 888-754-7792

· 876-542-5998

· 876-542-6007

· 876-542- 6006

· 876-542-5998

 This is in addition to 888-ONE-LOVE (663-5683)

1.never lie down keep moving and stretching but never lie down that is what the virus want. You will most likely have no help so have your things ready and available

2. Breathe deeply even if the pain is very bad
3 make an onion poultice and put on your chest and back. According to this lady in England who was able to live through the phneumonia stage without going to the hospital.
Cut up the onion and wrap onto a cloth
Put over the chest and lung area for as long as you can.such as up to18 hrs before changing.

If it gets dry repeat. It can irritate the skin so put a little olive oil on the skin before putting it on. Keep it on for at least 3 days.This is one of the proven herbal remedies for phneumonia.
4.Keep drinking your fever grass tea.
You may cut onion and put in the room to cut down on the virus spreading to other areas on the room.

Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray
Jicm wellness centre

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quick tips for fighting the Corona virus

Fighting the COVID 19

The Corona virus  is like SARS but a little more aggressive.It thrives in cold environment, cold areas and icy foods cold drinks will cause it to multiply.a
The best way to prevent it from multiply and kill it is with heat.there is no cure or vaccine but it can be killed in the early stage

 .It is unable to grow in the lung area because it is hot.
What is does it goes into the Nasal area and sinuses which is very cool stay for up to 14 days multiply .It then travels down the back to the throat where  the infection will develop into a sore throat.

This is when  mucus start developing and travels to the lungs where  the mucus and bacteria  start build more mucus and start closing the air sacks of the lungs.  The caugh will start trying to relieve the mucus but by then it may be too late

Since the lungs cannot drain out this excessive mucous you will start having difficulty breathing.The lungs then start gathering water. you will feel as if drowning  then pneumonia sets in and youwithout the aid of a ventilators you can die.

The best ├žure for  you is to prevent the virus multiplying .you may not be able to excape it since it is now believe to be air borne.

1f you have to go out .when you return put on a pot of boiling water .you can add some form of citrus  skin onion.salt and leave the water to boil
Take off your clothes and have a very hot shower.

Go back and  and put your head over the    boiling water and inhale the steam do for 15 minutes but do not burn your self

It is being  assumed that  the whuan
Virus can be controlled by drinking the herbal tea  jamaican called fever grass 3 times a day. It contains three chemical which have been proven to be  very effective.

You can also  have a cup of tea made from
1/2 of a medium onion .
lemon/lime juice.
1 peg garlic
1/4 tsp Turmeric
 1 pinch salt
Drink very hot.

Take Your vitamin and the mineral iodine is important too

 drink regularly tea made from.1 or 3 of these herbs these will help clear lungs from congestion.
elder berry. mullein. eucalyptus.leaf of life.

Or take the herbal  formula called Lungs you take 1 tbsp into 1/2,cup of very hot water 3 times daily as early as possible if you start will help relieve the mucus forming in the lungs.

Coconut oil is very good to help

  Sanitizing products
Continue with the hand washing and sanitizing and social distance
Please remember to ground your elderly especially if they have diabetes. hypertension or heart disease.

contact:  whatsApps 878-86-85696 on how to acquire

Contributing author
Juliet C Murray
JICM Wellness Cente

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Terrific breakthrough in Corona Virus cures

  What  is   Corona virus

This is a class of virus  that  is from the category  similar but not the same as  SARS and MERS.
It has never been found in humans  until recently. It is said to be in animals such as rats and bats. It is believed to break out in Wuhan animal market China  because the Chinese is accustom to eating the wild  animal including snakes.

However  conspiracy theorist 

said that  the coronvirus may  have been  first developed by a Chinese scientist who  in the 1970s  defected to the US with the Coronavirus formula.

Now that the Chinese have become so powerful  and the US owes them trillions of dollars the US decides to use the biological warfare on them to cut their speed.
It is also believed that the US already has the vaccine  formula from the said scientist. They are using the virus to scare the world so that in time they will be able to make billions of dollars when they decide to release it .

 It is also believed that it is a method of controlling the worlds population  keeping it in line  with the already scarce and dwinlinging
  1. Image result for Corona virus
It seem that if the conspiracy theorist are right then the US is being controlled by a set of single minded individuals who have no vision. Could they not have seen that China has spread it’s roots and tentacles  world wide in almost every country and therefore  the virus would migrate back to them.
Now that it has reached the US that country will soon has to be quarantined.

I can imagined those Jamaica citizens who have had their US visa revoked or denied  for no real or explained reason are not too sorry afterall ; Thanks to the Trump and his administration and government.

 Conspiracy or real the Coronavirus is real  

 It is spreading like wild fire and pretty soon no country will be exempt.

Lots of families will be affected and hospital will not be able to accommodate all.
  Looking at the home method of quarantine this method is only suitable for the rich and some middle class and people who live alone. Then there is the method of going to the hospital but you must call first before you go. That seem good but how workable will this be.
As said the best method of control  is to not getting it in the first place. We are told that washing hands  often, and use a face mask which cannot prevent the virus but will stop you from transmitting it to your nose and mouth.  And if someone cough and spray droplets. We are told if you are away from  where you have  no access to  water you must have  a alcohol base sanitizer.

  If this is so  when thinking of Jamaica which soap is the best and cheapest, carbolic, or protex,? Is  the country ordering enough alcohol base hand sanitize and face mask. Are we ensuring that areas without water will be given water before the Coronavirus hits.
Many individual are giving information of how to reduce the death toll when it reaches a country Trained doctors , herbalis, medical missionaries ,even the lay man

It is said the vulnerable who are likely to develop complications are the young and old, people with underlying health issues like diabetics, hypertensive,  obese  an people with acute respiratory distress like asthmatics  etc. Really young children are said to be able to  recover from the disease more quickly so they do not have respiratory complications like adults between 30 and 56 years old.

Its is believed if you have a strong immune you will be able to get through this corona virus  infection without any complication. It is said sanitizer is not  the answer and should be used as little as possible on the hand as it  lowers the  immune  because so much of our natural immune fighting microbes are destroyed. Sanitizer is  to be used to wipe infected surfaces like doors handles etc and remember if you touch doors and public surface do not put your hand to your nose or mouth.

 Try staying out of public places as much as possible and apply due caution when you do. A mask will be helpful to protect from direct droplets been spillt by the wearer and from touching nose,mouth and eyes .It must be discarded without being touched.

Strengthening the immune to Fight the Corona virus

Here  are some simple  things that I saw on a video recently to strengthen the immune,

1.              1.Take probiotics like, apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic, saucer craft, beet root
    2  Stop using white sugar - it is the most effective commodity for lowering the immune   
3         3   Take selenium and zinc also  found in foods like almond, pumpkin seed or supplements.
4         4.  Take vitamin D3-do not forget  that sunshine give vitamin :stay in sun 45 mins a day
5         5 . Mix , garlic  honey and cod liver oil.
6         6.   Make a tea of  star anise + honey .This is anti viral
7         7.   Make a tea of thyme   + ginger + star anise  add mullein  if you wish_- mucus releaser
8         8.   Get  resveratrol eat lots of  purple foods like grape- it is  an antioxidant
9         9  .Add grape juice and black currant  soak and drink.
1        10  Have vitamin C rich foods  -citrus ,cherries  sweet pepper ,0r supplements
1        11  Make an anti viral soup with sweet potato ,parsley, rosemary, spring onions , garlic,
1        12   Some  other Anti virus  herbs ,oregano, elderberry, peppermint, thyme ,sage, fennel, garlic, Echinacea,  basil lemon balm, astragalus, ginger eucalyptus ginseng , Pau de arco

 Contributing author:Juliet Christie Murray

   This article is for information only and is not intended to replace and medical advice given by your doctor or health provider