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Secrets to Anwered Prayer

Especially those done in your secret chamber.

Learn about the prayer of agreement: and how and when to use it Matt:18:19
men praying to God in song

-Focus: Do not multi-task when you are talking to God.

-Confess your sins first and ask for forgiveness -Thank God for His goodness and keeping care.

-Spend quality time in prayer 5 minutes -to 2 hours  is not too much to do , it will help you enter the the realm of the spirit since prayers are answered there as it connects you to God

How to pray

Honour God - by addressing Him as your Father and acknowledge his Abode.

-Pray that God's kingdom come to earth. 
(The acceptance of His son Jesus Christ as superme ruler of planet earth,paid for by his blood shed on Calvary)

Secrets to Anwered Prayer

-Pray that God's will be done on earth  as it is in heaven (what is Gods will  on earth and in heaven?) 
"That all men should accept his gift of grace and salvation and live accordingly."

It also include love for your fellowmen as yourself.
This is a hard thing to do but it is a perfection you must cont inually try to reach.The Holy Spirit will help you. Just ask.

-Pray for the salvation of souls
-Pray  for the church to do its work in the saving of souls.

- Spending quality time in prayer 5 minutes -to 2 hours will help you enter the realm of the spirit you get strength to break through barriers of the flesh: that keep you down and bound by Satan, preventing you from entering into the realm of the spirit where you commune with God through the Holy Spirit  and where prayers are answered.

-You can only get through to the realm of the spirit by reading, accepting and doing God words which are all in the Bible.

 -When you get a knowledge of God and you pray you will enter into the realm of the spirit where you commune with him as your father.

Secrets to Answered Prayers

-Pray for understanding as you read the word of God.Always remember to pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit before you start to read and study your Bible.

- It is then you will get wisdom as the Holy Spirit enlightens  your dark understanding.

-Pray for the Holy Spirt to teach you, for the fear of the Lord is the beginng of wisdom 

-Pray for the needs of others that they may be met.

-Pray that,all things pertaining to the living of a good life be granted to others as it is granted also unto you , such as; a home, clothing, food, health, love, favour, friends, financial break through , aboundance and most of all that they gain eternal life, ask that it be granted to you and  to others.

Do you know that at times we have struggles no matter what we do we cannot find the real reason nor cause.

The Bible say we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and against rulers of darkness in high places.

Entities we cannnot see with our naked eyes. So we of ourselves have no  skill.power nor strength to fight them.
But we do have a heavenly Father with eyes of mercy and a heart full of love.He sees knows and understand  what we are going through He is ready and willing to help but as this article says there is a method in getting God to act.

-When in need of supernatural help and protection come boldly to the throne God our Father and ask  Him in the name of Jesus Christ His son. Ask anything you desire. Never forget that some request need the aid of fasting along with prayer to break down strong holds,curses and alters set up  by Satan, his angels and his human agents.
-Jesus in the Bible told us so.

  However always be reminded  to read 1st John 3:23-24  and apply
It is an important conditíon.

Prayer is an agreement, a contract a covanant to do what God requires of you then He will keep his part of the bargain.

Now that you know all  this
 Go and do like wise
 Then your prayers will be answered.
Be blessed.

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Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray (Soycriada)
healthy lifestyle counsellor

 Stage 4 cancer can be cured naturally.

soursop fruits  leaves and fruits used to treat cancer


Your mind is the most powerful asset when it comes to self-healing. Know this a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use Mind Cure along with the info written below. this protocol works

Can you believe that you can cure your stage 4 cancer naturally? 

Cáncer is not a disease to be playing with.  It takes tenacity  and willpower to continue with protocol

 Products need to Cure stage 4 cancer naturally

The herbs to use are

1. soursop leaf  tea 1 cup,3 times daily

 2. apricot  seed 3 times daily 

3. black seed oil 1 tsp 3 times daily.

 Sounds easy, however, you must change your diet and lifestyle for them to be effective.

You must remove some foods from the diet while following this protocol. It may take you  2 years to be completely rid of the cancer cells. 

You must visit your doctor and get clearance from your doctor that you are cancer-free before you introduce any of the foods you removed while doing the protocol 

Items to remove from diet  to cure stage 4 cancer naturally

Remove sugars, soda, and pastries. like pies, puddings, cakes. and Ice cream. White flour. Red meat some seafood., most cooking oils and fats check on diet for cancer.

Some cosmetics like those that contain aluminum like deodorant.

Item to add to the diet for curing stage 4 cancer effectively

Add lots of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables Like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and other vegetables like carrots and beets roots and tops..
Add some but not-so-sweet fruits like green apples and vitamin c fruits. You see some cancer thrive on sugar so do not use too muc

watch the video to see how effective it is

1. Remember to do some exercise. Get some sunshine get proper rest and use water inside and outside to detox the body to get rid of the cancer cells as soon as they are destroyed. 

Do an Epsom salt glow scrub. You can also do a steam bath to move the blood around and move toxins out of the body.

An enema bag is of utmost importance to a cancer person. it is used to deliver enema  for the release 

These  links will take  you to some reasonably priced products you may purchase there I will get a small commission that  will help  me  to post more articles like this to help others and keep this site up and running

soursop leaves tea 

 apricot seed. 

And black seed oil 

Epsom salt.

 Warning do not use more than 3 apricot seeds each day. they contain B17 often referred to as cyanide the compound that destroys the cancer cells.

You can find more natural  cancer treatments help  

HERE Just type in the search box on the site

see video  Here

Can Beast Cancer be healed naturally

 Can Beast Cancer be healed naturally?


Yes, but it will require tenacity, length of time, and adequate finances: Usually, the people who opt for natural healing rarely can afford it.  People usually switch back to medicine and try combining them which usually work antagonistically against each other because herbal therapy usually increases Chemotherapy potency 10 times The body cannot withstand this and most times results in death.

Warning: if you are not able to finance your natural healing therapy to the end,  do not begin.  you can implement the 8 health laws and do a detox. You may change your diet. You need the whole therapy regime because diet alone or herb alone cannot cure cancer both are necessary. Give your body about 4 weeks after doing a herb detox before doing a doctor's treatment. And do not mix them.

1.       Do the 10-day lifestyle healing protocol before going on this therapy which incorporates the application of the 8 health laws – Get this from JICM Wellness Center at 876 3781354 /1878 868 5692


2.       Remove sugar, salt, baking powder, margarine, preserved and canned foods, and white foods from your diet. Contact JICM Wellness to get a complete list of things to avoid.:

Necessary Foods for therapy; This is more effective if all flesh

 and dairy is removed while doing this therapy

3.      Salads vegetables: Use salads for lunch or dinner: lettuce, watercress,  pack Choi, mustard parsley, celery. Spinach, asparagus. 

       4    Juice Vegetables: cabbage 4ozs, broccoli 4 ozs . kale 4 ozs, turnip tops, 4 ozs,  Mix


               and drink 16 ozs 2 times daily

               Carrot juice 16 daily

              Beet juice 2 ozs  daily

b. Fruit juice and salads: It is advisable that because fruits are packed with sugars they must be used sparingly and sometimes not at all during treatment. You may use (green apples 4 ozs daily, cantaloupe 4 ozs, Otaheite apples 4 ozs, orange 4 ozs daily, passion 4ozs, grapes 4ozs, plums 4ozs, apricot 4ozs, grapefruit 4 ozs. These  Juices must be done every day. Do not mix more than  3-4  different fruits Each day Stewed fruits can be used also do not add any sugar or syrup.

     5.  Breakfast Use a bowl of well-cooked old-fashioned oatmeal  with  stew fruits for breakfast  

    6 Special Soups: 2 quarts water,3 stalks celery, 2 medium peeled onions,4 Irish potatoes unpeeled, 4 pegs garlic. Boil all slowly until tender. Blend and pass through a strainer. Add milk, ( soy, almond, }raw garlic can be added when about to be served. It should be thick but not too thick.) Store in refrigerator for no more than 2 days. Drink 8 oz. of the soup each time.

       7,   SupplementsDrink 3 ozs aloe vera daily,  take vitamin C  5,000mg daily.  Vitamin E 1000 IU daily,  Beta carotene 1200,000 IU daily, Zinc 15 mg daily, Hydrochloric acid tablets one tablet 3 times daily,  selenium  200 mg 3 times daily,  kelp 1 tbsp in tomato juice 3 times daily,  spirulina 1 tbsp in tomato juice 3 times daily.

       8. Herbal mixture: astragalus 3 parts (1 part is 1 tbsp)  Siberian ginseng 1 part, Reish  3 parts, shiitake,3 parts, raspberry 3 parts,  Echinacea 5 parts,   blue green algae, 4 parts,  chlorella 3 parts.   Mix all together to make a tea. Use 2 tbsp in 4ozs water. Boil a tea and drink 3 times daily.


       9.  Intestinal Cleanse:  You should use  a non-enema to help clean the bowels

              Use 1table spoon of psyllium husk/hull in 5 ozs water mix and drink before it thickens

              You may use grounded flax seed as a substitute instead. Take morning and evening 3 times per week. 

             Enema:  Use  6 tbsp ground coffee (not instant)r  2 quarts. water draw coffee and use 1 quart each time. You will need an enema bag. Save the rest for another time.


      10.  Poultice Do a warm castor oil poultice on the breast   NB;  This can be used on any area of the body that is developing lumps, fibroids, or cysts.


 12.  Do a salt glow ( Epsom salt rub ) 1 time daily, Do a steam bath 2 times weekly, and Do a     warm clay bath   1 time weekly   These will help to remove toxins from the body.


      13 Drink enough vegetables so that you do not need plain water {Gerason therapy water neutralizes the juices and makes them less effective}


       14, Herbal Kimo:  This should be done to control the spread of cells it can be as powerful as medical Chemotherapy.  

             Herbs needed;  Pau de Arco  3 part,. Poke root or bloodroot 2 parts, milk thistle 2 parts, shitake 2 parts, Rishi 2 parts, yellow dock, 2 parts, st john wort 1 part. Turmeric, 3 parts, Irish moss 1 part, prickly ash 1 part, periwinkle 4 parts.#, green tea 3 parts Blackstrap molasses 64 ozs.

         Method: Put all the herbs in water, and be sure they are covered. Leave overnight. if water is needed to cover herbs put a little and boil for 5 minutes. Add all 64 ozs of blackstrap molasses, and boil for 5 minutes more.  Cool and bottle in glass bottles. Take 4 oz. of grape juice, and add 1ozs of the herbal Kemo mixture. Take 3 times daily.


            NB.   Healing Reaction: You may experience a healing reaction like fainting or lightheadedness while doing this therapy. You may drink a little sea, Celtic, or Himalayan salt with a little sugar in a  ½ glass of water. 

           You must not be alarmed and run to the hospital just do a coffee enema and you will feel better.             


Always remember that God is the healer. If we pray and ask in Jesus' name he will heal. However,1st John 3:22-24 tells how to ensure  your prayers are answered;

Remember in the beginning  I said this therapy is long and expensive and you must have the stick-to-itiveness to be the winner

.Contributing Author  Juliet Christie Murray

Healthy lifestyle counselor



OCTO-O Flu and Cold immediate relief


JICM OCTO-O Flu and cold Relief 

Is a combination of natural essential oils that relieve sinusitis and  other bronchial and lung issues. If used correctly it will prevent flu, cold, Coronavirus, and bronchial issues. 

With continual use, they will go and stay away.  It is very costly to make and very potent. For these reasons, it is distributed in a 5ml or 10ml container making it affordable to most.

 It is easy to carry, small enough for men to take in their pockets and ladies to put in their change purses.  JICM OCTO-O is most effective when a small drop is lightly rubbed in the nostrils with the fingertip.


JICM OCTO-O at all times, anyhow anywhere.

It is also beneficial for pain reduction. Just a few drops neat or in some olive oil Depending on the magnitude of the pain, it will give relief.


Cost at present Small  5ml bottles  US$10. large  US$19. Including shipping and handling for out-of-area delivery.

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How To Prevent Kidney Disease Naturally


The kidney  forms part of the excreatory system

Cells  make up organs, organs  make systems, systems run the body

 The kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs, and each is about the size of a fist. They are located on either side of the back, protected inside of the lower part of the rib cage. They help filter blood and remove waste from the body. The kidney is an organ  and forms part of the excretory system

The body is wonderfully and   fearfully made Psalm 139.

If we take care of it can remain healthy for a lifetime if we do not we can end up with kidney disease

Kidney disease is when the  kidney stop functioning as it should.


Causes could include.

 chronic Diabetes


Heart disease


Consumption of chemicals.

Exposure to environment toxins

·         Factors that can increase your risk of chronic kidney disease include:

· Smoking.

· Obesity.

· Being Black, Native American or Asian American.

· Family history of kidney disease.

· Abnormal kidney structure.


·         Signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease develop over time.

 If kidney damage progresses slowly. Loss of kidney function can cause a buildup of fluid, body waste or electrolyte problems. Depending on how severe it is, loss of kidney function can cause  death

·         If you have hypertension heart disease, or diabetes you should always be on high alert


What are the first 3 possible early warning signs of kidney disease?

· Dizziness and Fatigue. ...

· Swelling  in the extremities   (Edema) .

· Changes in urination( frequency and colour}


Other signals that  the kidneys could  be compromised                                                  


· weight loss and poor appetite.

· swollen ankles, feet or hands – (as a result of water retention) (oedema)

· shortness of breath.

· Tiredness. fatigue and weakness

· blood in your  (urine)

· an increased need to urinate particularly at night.

· difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

· itchy skin.

·         Nausea

·         Vomiting

·         Decreased mental sharpness.

·         Muscle cramps

·         Dry, skin

·         High blood pressure that's difficult to control.

·         Shortness of breath, if fluid builds up in the lungs.

·         Chest pain, if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart.

·         Dark coloured urine

NB.       Do not self-diagnose because

Signs and symptoms of kidney disease are often nonspecific. This means they can also be caused by other illnesses too.  So it is best to check your Medical doctor.

Because your kidneys are able to make up for lost function, you might not develop signs and symptoms until irreversible damage has occurred.

Healthy urine should be pale yellow however it can be darker if you are dehydratef

When your kidneys are failing, a high concentration and accumulation of substances lead to brown, red, or purple urine. Studies suggest the urine color is due to abnormal protein or sugar as well as high numbers of cellular casts and red and white blood cells.

Medical treatment includes hypertension and diabetes medication, dialysis or a  kidney transplant.         


When to see a doctor?

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have signs or symptoms of kidney disease. Early detection might help prevent kidney disease from progressing to kidney failure.

If you have a medical condition that increases your risk of kidney disease, your doctor may monitor your blood pressure and kidney function with urine and blood tests during office visits.  

What foods help repair kidneys?

8 Superfoods for People with Kidney Disease

· Red Peppers. Also low in potassium but high in flavonoids

· Cauliflower. (High in vitamin C, folate and fiber, cauliflower helps your body fight off toxins). .

· Blueberries. ...

· Egg Whites. ...

· Garlic. ...

· Fish. ...

· Red Grapes. ...

· Olive Oil.

· Do not forget water, it hydrates and washes out waste

What can I do to keep my kidneys healthy?

·          Apply the 8 health laws N.E.W.S.T.A. R.T

·         Make healthy food choices. ...

·         Make physical activity part of your routine. ...

·         Aim for a healthy weight. ...

·         Get enough sleep. ...

·         Stop smoking. ...

·         Limit alcohol intake

·         Drink enough water.

·         Explore stress-reducing activities.                                                                                                                      

·         Manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

·         Detoxify the body at reasonable intervals using foods. Fasting or herbs


Herbs that may bee helpful in detoxifying the Kidneys

·         Ginger. Ginger has antioxidant properties which are beneficial for kidney function. ...

·         Turmeric. Turmeric is rich in antiseptic properties and is used to treat many diseases. ...

·         Dandelion. Dandelion leaves is the best diuretics. ...

·         Nettle. ...

·         Parsley. ...

·         Marshmallow Root. ...

·         Punarnava

·         cranberries

·         Red Clover

·         Beets   root juice (small quantities))

Here are some foods you should limit or avoid when on a renal diet.

· Dark-colored soda, harbor additives that contain high  phosphorus  sodium, and potassium . ..

· Avocados. ...

· Canned foods. ...

· Whole wheat bread

· Processed meats.

· Dried fruits

· Brown rice. ...

· Bananas. ...

· Dairy. .,

· Salted foods ( sodium chloride)

· Oranges and orange juice

·  Pickles contain sodium and vinegar)

· Potatoes Irish and sweet                               

 High quantity of spinach and Swiss chard


Herbs that may be harmful in chronic kidney disease









Noni juice





Blue Cohosh








Herbs known to be unsafe for all people and must  be used with caution and the direction withn experiebal herbal practiobeer





Ephedra (Ma Huang)






Take away.

1. Bottom line  If you have hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease you must- monitor them effectively to prevent kidney failure

2. Avoid foods with high potassium. Coconut water is high in potassium. (Coconut water washing heart and kidneys is not always so.} 

3. Drink enough  plain water to make your urine light yellow

4. Reduce or avoid preserved or processed food, (meats, fish, dried, fruits, canned foods, sodas. and excessive leafy greens.

5. Flush your kidney (celery marshmallow, and dandelion are ok to use)  1 tsp to cup of spring water

.  Monitor the amount of protein intake they lead to an overload of uric acid, which may encourage kidney stones  

7 if you are not very sure  how to administer a herb for kidney disease  leave it alone the best 

8.Prevention is better than cure cure

9  Follow God’s 8 Health laws

Whatever you do never Leave God OUT of the picture. 

In 3rd John:2-5  We are told that God wants us to prosper and be in health and as our souls prosper we testify of truth.

What is truth?

God is truth.?

 God’s word is truth,

How to get rid of Helicobacter Pylori

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