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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 Balancing  pH using Diet Can Reduce Disease and Help Heal Your Body.A PH Diet  is God's Diet Plan

 Does anyone here knows the real reason why we tell people not to eat animal foods , such  as flesh, cheese, butter ?
Do you really know why you are told not to eat certain types of fats ,white rice, sugar ,flour etc.

1.Your body cells are made to function in and acid, alkaline solution .This solution is measured by a scale called PH. PH means the potential for hydrogen.

 2 .The PH scale is divide into 0----14. With 1 the most acidic 14 the more alkaline..

 3. It therefore means that PH 7 is neutral.

4. A measurement lower than 7 is considered acidic

 5.A measurement higher than 7 is alkaline.

 6. Healthy bodies operate in a very narrow range on this scale This should be PH 7.36—PH 7.45

 7 .A significant shift from this range gives the potential for sicken ,disease and death.

 8.It is more sure if the sift is downwards.

 9. The lower the Ph the more acidic the blood. This is a state called chronic acidosis Acidic blood breaths disease.

 10.What create this acidic blood animal flesh and foods , denatured foods like white sugar, flour, rice, carbonated soft drinks, rich cakes and pies, rich fatty sauces, coffee etc.

11. What create alkaline blood fruits , vegetables nuts and some grains.

12.The bottom line is if you want to stay free from disease or to reverse disease eat the diet God gave to our fore parents in Eden . Read Gen:1 : 29.and Gen .3:18

13. Remember this that there are vegetable that are acid fruits such as citrus but the body metabolizes them as alkaline .

14.There are also vegetables that are acidic however they are weaker acids that flesh and animal origin food

15.Foods are classified as weak ,medium, or high acidic or alkaline .

The ones is on us to find these foods and then plan our diet  to reduce the high acid foods  that will keep up bloods in a slightly alkaline state thus  keeping away diseases


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