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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Gall BladderFlush
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Cleaning the system is very important to .The colon is the death of many people But did you know that the gall bladder is very important to your health also When the bile ducts are blocked many illnesses can occur.

You can prevent various illnesses by getting a gall bladder flush. You will feel much better after doing this. Make sure you repeat step 2 for two consecutive days. Then do this 2 more times within one month.
 Week  end is the best time for working individuals

Gall bladder Flush

1quart Raw apple juice or
1/2 quart fresh lemon juice
Grapefruits juice
½ cup olive oil
 1 pack Epsom salt
1 cup  Barberry /dandelion/ yellow dock 

Step 1.    Start fasting on the  and apple juice or lemon juice for 24 hours. ( 6 .00 am Friday-Saturday-6.00 pm) Drink one of   the teas above during the day. About 2 hours before doing step 2 take the Epsom salt mix in water
Step 2.    At the close of fast Saturday night drink the ½ cup lemon /grape fruit juice and the olive oil mixed together. Lie on your right side for ½ hour before going to sleep. Repeat this procedure two days in a row.
Step 3. If you do not have a bowel action takes an enema. You will generally pass some dark, black or  
              Green objects that may look like peas that are shriveled the day after the flush.

These are not the stones they may be the oil that is mixed with the bile which tries to dissolve the cholesterol thus expelling the stone in the process. However stones may be smaller and less than 2 millimeters and may even be soft if they have not yet calcified.

There are small chances that some stone may be so large that they require surgery to remove them but there is no evidence that this has happened using this treatment.
The olive oil is used to soften and melt the stones which are formed by hardened cholesterol which blocks the bile duct.


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