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The Secret of Acquring Wealth


The Secret of acquiring wealth  know the spiritual laws of health, wealth,aboundance and prosperity

Have you ever wondered why you are constantly in a state of bad luck and let's say poverty?

To change that You have to make up your mind if you want to get prosperity by the principle and laws of the God who created heaven and Earth .Or are you willing to achieve prosperity by worshiping the God and demons of the great arch deceive Satan

Both have the power to make you prosperous and wealthy, each  requires from you worship. The arch deceiver will lead you in some dark secrets and evil practices and leave you there. The great God revealed to you some simple principles and spiritual laws that activates his release of wealth and abundance and prosperity.  See some important ones below.

1. Acknowledge God, creator of heaven and Earth give him Praise and glory and gratitude each day

2. Activate the principle of tithe and offering bring it into his store house, it activates the pouring out of blessings by opening the windows of heaven,  that you will not have room to receive it. 

  What are the store houses of God? 

  - Your principal place of spiritual  nourishment.

    -Any ministry Committed to promoting the gospel of                   salvation and the savings of souls.

     -Any minister committed to the salvation and the                       preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ  and saving souls for the kingdomdom of God  

3.  Giving is one of the spiritual laws of wealth.

-Freely give Freely received give freely god loves a  cheerful giver.

-Read proverbs 18: 16, proverbs 11: 25 ,Corinthians 9: 9, Proverbs 31; 27, Luke6,38, Proverbs 3  proverbs 39.:All these Bible verses show The spiritual benefits of  giving. 

Types of giving  that activates wealth

There are many but the 1st three written here are seen by  many as the most powerful in activating  wealth.

  1. a..Worship offering :   Whenever you go to praise Go bring an offering it is helpful in promoting the gospel in  the savings souls. 

b. kingdom investment . Investing in the spread of the  gospel,  building and maintaining the house of God and giving to the  take care poor. Give  in proportion  to what you received: If you get much then give much Give accordingly to what you receive


 c. Seed Faith :

 is connecting your seed with  the  a  desired expectation such as removal of curses and bad  karma from you, business, family and life challenges.It moves God to act.       


d. Prophet offering  : Give the prophet of God, the    shepherd an offering when you visit him you should also bring an offering when  you  visit someone especially if  the individual is in need

e. Parents offering :  Always give gifts to your parents there is  the first commandment with a promise. It shows gratitude and respect for them

   f.  First fruit offering:   When you open a business of any kind your farm  bring an offering giving thanks  of the First transactions or fruits. 

   g. Sacrifice offering:    These are usually given to show  how much we appreciate ┼Áhat God has done for us, love  for God and solicit his continued help and favour its  more powerful if use with fasting and prayer. Remember to bring sacrifice of praise like David  in his psinging  and dancing to the lord.

   h.  Vow offering:    Making a vow to God is to solicit supernatural help.Make sure you  keep your vows a vow should not be taken lightly or it could become a curse.


Channels by which we

 receive answer to activated  aboundance laws

When you activate the spiritual laws of abundance  the answer will be money ,wealth ,health, fame, prosperity and friends. They will  manifest through the channels  listed below


-Of GOD:   The  first favour is God ,Joseph  found favour with God   No matter how much you work and save  abundance are determined   God  favour given through spiritual gifts and the anointing

 - OF MAN :  Brings friends and  favour, such as those of Potiphar and  Pharaoh granted to Joseph . Man gives love,attributes opportunities  in ways  one cannot even imagine.  Joseph found favour with God and man,  Queen Easter got favour from  God and a great  king.

2. Wisdom :  Wisdom come through Devine  direction and strategies . Wisdom  teaches knowledge  and  understating to use opportunities arising from these strategies  and direction to acquire wealth and to multiplying It.


3.   Blessings:   When  you activate the law of  abundance this is a spiritual quality that  Brings people opportunities to bless themselves and others, Some call it the law of attraction but simple put it is called the law of blessings of the Almighty. Blesssing is something that you pray and give thanks for always

 4.   Health:  

Health may not seen by many as a channel of blessings however it is and  should be activated by practicing God’s health laws  in order to obtain maximum benefits like wellness and long life.  This  law of abundance health is activated by practice of good nutrition , (see Gensies 1:39) Exercise,  water  sunlight, temperance  adequate a Rest and  trust with faith in God.


The secret to wealth and abundance is to activate the laws of abundance which is to show love to God and man.

 LOVE TO GOD : Obedience to God’s Laws  Tithing and  offering 

  LOVE TO MAN : Giving  to others good gifts, and quality time

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