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Showing posts with label clearing fallopian tubes. Show all posts

Friday, July 6, 2012



Unblocking  fallopian Blocked tubes. After trying the doctor and the doctor says you have a blocked tube what can you do. If you were given D and C and nothing happens what can you do. You may want to do the following.

Do a complete body cleanse

1 .Three days fast on only juices, vegetable and fruits. drink 6 times per day .Drink lemon and water
    (Do not eat any food )

 2. Take non enema bowel cleanse . Such as 1tsp  Psyllium husk in  5ozs  water
      and 1 cup  cascara  tea  or two tablets 2-3 times  daily for 3  days a week (View .Enema bags  )
      Eat light meals
 3. Do an enema  Using warm water and black coffee 3 days each week

4     Do a blood cleanse-Burdock or Red Clover or dandellion Tea 3 times per day for 7 days
        You may  take  the herbal tablets instead. You may also combine the 3 herbs for best results

5    .Take ; herbal supplements red raspberry and Don qui or/chaste berry to balance hormones 3 times daily. ( View herb supplements  )  These will help if you are trying to get pregnant.
6.   Do a sits bath  Put your hip in a tub of warm water and sit  for half hour each evening for 2 weeks.

 7 . Do a steam bath 1 time per week.(sit on a chair wrap yourself in a blanket put a pot of boiling water           under  the chair best to put in on a hot plate so it continues to boil. Put a rag soak in ice water on your           forehead  at all times to keep the brain cool.) Cool down quickly by going under the shower then dry
        yourself and go to bed immediately to prevent a chill.

 8.  Take  multivitamins  1 time per day  The Nutrilite women pack  is very good made specially for
       women with your  problem 

 9.   The herb dog blood will clear any infection in the tube.Take 1 cup tea made from 1 tsp herb and 8 ozs
           boiling water.

 19.   Repeat items 2-7  1 week. Rest for 1 week.   Repeat 2 weeks more using the same procedure.
         go back to your doctor and get tested better yet try getting pregnant.

  Things you will need :
  Plenty fruits and vegetable

 Psyllium husk
Coffee grains
 Red clover
 Red raspberry
 dog blood
 Don qui
 Chaste berry
 Enema bags
 Nutrilite women pack tablets  


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