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Saturday, August 24, 2019

What you should know about Menopause

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Our bodies are controlled by the endocrine system and the hormones they produce.
The endocrine system helps to control the following body processes.
1.       Growth and development[
2.       Homeostasis [ the balancing of body systems]
3.       Metabolism  [ the regulation of body energy levels]
4.       Reproduction [ the control of sexual and reproductive activities]
5.        Response to stimuli[ responsible for stress ,pain , emotions,]
Most of these hormonal functions are controlled by glands, [ some as energy levels, feelings, weight etc]
The body has 8 major glands that produce hormones namely:
1.       The  hypothalamus  [master gland,]
2.       Thyroid
3.       Pituitary
4.       Parathyroid
5.       Adrenal
6.       Pineal gland
7.       Testis  Ovaries 
8.       Thymus
These hormones function throughout the entire lifeline ,some may go into what is referred
 to a pause by diminishing but never complete stops.

Some of the various pauses that the human body may experience
1.       Andropause  slowing , demining  of testosterone, with an elevation of estrogen and progesterone
2.       Menopause [ slowing ,loss, diminishing  of estrogen  and progesterone with an elevation of testosterone
3.       Electro pause [ diminishing brain capacity and stimuli, memory etc]
4.       Cardio pause  [increase or decrease heart rate due to the decrease pumping capacity
      ,resulting in hypotension high blood pressure  heart attack ,low or high pulse  rate]
5.       Immune pause [weakening of the immune system ]
6.       Osteo  pause [loss of bone  ,both structure and bone density]
7.       Somato pause [ loss and reduction in the Human growth hormone (HGH)]
8.       Dermato pause. [Loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin that leads to drying ,flaking and wrinkling of skin in the Elderly.

 What you should know about Menopause

We are now going to take a closer look at menopause. This is the period when the hormones  estrogen and progesterone will  start to diminish and testosterone will begin to heighten in a woman. Just before it reach to an all time low a woman may starts to experience premenstrual problems  sometime called (premenstrual syndrome).All these feeling occur just before the cessation of the menses and can go on for a long period depending on the woman and the reason for the cessation.
The causes for menopause could
1.       1 diminishing hormones due to aging,
2.       2 early menopause due to surgery,
3.        or  traumatic experiences
   Plainly put  it is any of the changes a woman goes through either just before or after the cessation of her monthly period (menses) that marks the end of her reproductive  periods .These change can manifest in one or more of the following  signs  or symptoms below.

Signs and Symptoms of menopause
1.       Memory lapses
2.       Fatigue
3.       Loss of libido
4.       Panic disorders
5.        Urinary tract infections
6.       Bloating
7.       Hair loss
8.       Dizziness
9.       Incontinence
10.   Headaches
11.   Anxiety
12.   Breast pain
13.   Electric shock sensation
14.   Hot flashes
15.   Irregular menses
16.   Nights sweats
17.   Vaginal dryness
18.   Elevated heart rate
19.    Burning tongue
20.   Digestive problems
21.   Muscle tension
22.   Allergies
23.   Brittle nails
24.   Body odor
25.   Itchy skin
26.   Osteoporosis
27.   Tingling extremities
28.    Difficulty concentrating
29.   Psychosomatic disorders
30.   Extreme fear
31.   Depression
32.   Joint pain
33.   Insomnia
34.   Weight gain
35.   Sleep disorders
36.   Chills
37.   Mood change
38.   Slow metabolism

 What you should know about Menopause

Medical doctor offer treatment
1.       Hormone replacement  estrogen and progesterone if uterus is gone
2.       Vagina suppository to help with dry vagina
3.       Treatment to slows down  or prevent –osteoporosis- wasting of bones
Not everyone can  tolerate hormone replacement. It is dependent on the health of the individual.These hormone replace therapies  Can be administered  through
1.       Tablets  Peramin (estradiol, estrace, estratorb take  1per day
2.       Patches and sprays like alora, climara, Estraderm,Vivelle (sensitive to heat)
3.       Suppositories    these may have the same name as above only they are inserted into the vagina instead of swallowing
4.       Creams and gels  estrasorb  evamist, estrogel  they may be applied on shoulder wrist, and arms
These therapies can reduce troublesome symptoms of menopause  like hot flashes and lower the risk of osteoporosis

Risk factors associate with the conventional doctors therapies
1.       Increase risk of stroke ,blood clot  when combined with the hormone progesterone
2.       Cancer , heart attack  swollen and painful breast
3.       Vaginal discharges, headaches,  nausea
4.       May increase damage to the already compromised li ver
5.       Estrogen  may cause certain  to cause stomach  disorders.
6.        May increase  dangerous cholesterol
Overall the risk of takes  hormone therapy is too high compare with natural  treatment.
What you should know about Menopause 
Natural methods of controlling the effects of menopause

1.       Ensure you are practicing the 8 health law paying special attention to diet and you
may need to add or step up on your mineral and vitamin supplements.
2.        Get involved  with a social group doing something that you like
3.       Do exercise daily  walking in the  sunshine before 10 am and after 3pm
4.       You may reduce some of the symptom by taking herbal supplements in the form of teas or tablets however the tea is more effective since her work better in water which is the ioning agent.  If you take tablets drink lots of water.
Like black cohosh, evening primrose, wild yam, chase berry don qui , red raspberry
most of them are low dose natural estrogen. Sage all these herb must use with caution.
Over use can bring on some side effects especially liver related. Always consult your health provider
5.       Soy ,grounded flax , vitamin E use to lubricate the vagina, cold drink to cool the hot flashes
6.       Make use of water buy drinking and taking cool showers especially if you experience night sweats.
 Contributing author
  Juliet I. Christie Murray
Natural health Counselor