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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Why Make Body Cells Alkaline

Alkaline Foods Versus Acid Foods

We constantly worry ourselves about developing or managing lifestyle diseases.
There is really no reason to, if we keep our side of the bargain by employing the 8 health laws.
 Proper Nutrition             Adequate exercise          enough water intake              adequate sunlight
  Enough  fresh air          proper rest          be temperance in a all            Trust    God
 We were always told to keep the  PH of blood  alkaline. Since  it is said  perfect blood gives  perfect health.   Therefore  Blood has to be alkaline in order to fight and keep away lifestyle diseasesincluding cancers
The perfect alkaline state of  blood is a PH of 7.35 -7.4.5     

 Blood Ph above 7.45   results  in a condition called alkalosis’   If blood  Ph goes  below  7.35  the result is the condition   called  acidosis   Both are life threatening conditions    
 The PH of blood does not really change  but the  Ph of cells can change .  The normal PH range of cell  should be PH 6.5 a little acidic.
Bicarbonate irons, and  phosphate ions are called  buffers  They  work along  with  The lungs and kidney  to keep  the  ph of  blood in  balance.
The PH of cells can change through improper food, Lack of exercise , lack  of fresh air,  lack of water,  intemperance  lack of sunshine  and distress , (stress is sometimes good to improve our performance .Prolong stress leads to distress.
Over exposure to toxin like lead, mercury in fish and electromagnetic rays from cell phones  do change PH of cells.
Cancer and fungus in a cell with PH 5.5 will thrive rapidly .This is why cancer patients must keep  the  cells  ph 6.5.and blood PH.7,4 they cannot thrive they will die

What type of food help body to retain the proper PH
A.      Alkaline forming  food leaves  an alkaline ash  when burn and is associated with the minerals  
  ( calcium, sodium  magnesium, potassium ) such foods   such as                                                  
1.                     1.  Lemon,
         2 ,Vegetables Dark green leafy vegetable
3.                     3.Vegetables ( lintels lima bean ,soy )

? Night shade Foods .  For some people they can be  acidic ( if there is inflammation in the body )  you must remove them  or else you will have arthritis pains. ( sweet pepper, tomato, garden eggs, irish potato)  They can also be alkaline
                4.Grains: quinoa, millet, buck wheat, spelt, kamut ( the gluten wheat flour can kill the good  flora in stomach   and affects the immune and brain.) very acidic
               5. Nuts best ones almond and brazil
                       6 Seeds all : sunflower, flack, pumpkin,  sesame, chia, black  seed
          7.  Fruits: They can be acidic if you have yeast infection
          8.  Salt : Celtic and Himalayan salt  has 85 minerals natural sea salt not table salt 92 ( table salt  has two  sodium and chloride)
          9.  healthy fats ; olive oil and coconut oil
         10  alkaline water
         11, Fiber :  removal of waste
         12. sweet potato  (a yam)
           Acid forming foods when burn gives off and acid ash and is associate with minerals these Are (chlorine, sulfur ,phosphorous)
    1 Refine Sugars : (white brown  or tanned  beat sugar  (Replacement sugars  honey ,maple,  coconut, agave,) 
           2.  Meat , give off high sulfur  acidic  waste
           3. Hybridized  wheat,  kill gut bacteria  Flora
          4.  Dairy  :milk and  Cheese    (Fresh cheese ,cottage, ricotta                                                                       and feta  are alkaline)
          5.  Caffeine food and  soft drinks.
           6.  Beans  Kidney, soy, chick peas (All beans must be soaked  3 days before cooking)
           7. All other grains, and nuts are acidic
           8.  unhealthy fats
           9. Antibiotics tablets (kill gut flora)

    So what do we do?
   There has to be a balance to keep your blood Ph in alkaline. Too  much alkaline cause alkalosis and     too much  acidic cause acidosis .  
   Take meals that consist of 70 % alkaline foods and 30% acid. real  lifestyle disease the PH of                cancer   patient is  about  PH 5.5. That means you must eat  70 %  raw 30% cooked.
    Curse causes never come