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Fennel is considered an appetite depressant, and   a weight loss aid.  All parts of the Fennel plant are safe for use, Use  Tea to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers.  Menopausal women use it to ease the associated symptoms. The leaves or stems can make a poultice  for nursing mothers to relieve breast swelling. 

Fennel Teas, or Fennel Water is used to break up kidney stones, quiet hiccups, prevent nausea, aid digestion, prevent gout, purify the liver, reverse alcohol damage to the liver, and treat jaundice. 
Good for colic and flatulence, in babies and to expel worms. 

It may be used along with conventional treatments in prostate cancer ( it is definitely worth trying), but consult with your doctor first).

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It may be used as Gargle for breath freshening and as an eye wash.To make Fennel water, use 8 drops of Oil to 1 pint of water - take up to 8 teaspoons per day. 

Fennel is disliked by fleas, it can be used around the house to reduce flea;  can be used for a steam facial to open the pores and  to rejuvenate the skin of the face .

Fennel has a very pleasant aroma and the seeds are sometimes used in  and on baked products. Fennel has an history of being use by many of the greatest   doctors and chemist of their time.


  Cancer Can  be cured  but it depends on the stage it is inCancer is the number two leading cause of death in the United States of America and so many individuals are losing the battle with this disease. It is regarded as one of the Lifestyle diseases. The American Cancer Society ascertains that 1/3 of cancer cases are  related to poor diet, and another 1/3 to cigarette smoking.

Therefore 2/3 of cancer is potentially preventable with diet exercise and optimal weight. Cancer usually attack cells in the breast ,lung, prostrate, colon, cervix, ovaries, brain and blood. If you want to cure cancer the two first stages are the stages that you should try attacking it. Sometimes stage 3 is too late , but Miracles do happen


The following things occur when a cancer is in its developing stage.
1. Sabotage of the DNA.
2. Deficient stage where the cancer can be control
3. The invasion of boundaries of other cell – It then metastasize to un-controllable growth since it now has its own blood supply and the blood is subverted from the other cells to feed it. When Cancer begins these are the following steps.

 Stage 1. Step 1: Initiation Stage

(a). in this stage the DNA is permanently damaged.

(b). Free radicals attacks caused from
    -high fat diets,
    - over eating ,
     -city smog,
    -excessive exercise,
     -trauma, injury and inflammation

(c ). Too much ultraviolet light
(d). Chronic diseases
        – such as -reproductive system.
          -Excessive radiation,
         - elevated blood sugar
          - natural aging

2. Step 2: the promotional stage This is where the initial cell rapidly multiplies

(a). This growth can happen with excessive use of Omega 6 fatty acid (found in sun Flower seed and fish oils 
(b). Reproductive tissues are particularly cancer prone And divides rapidly

( c). Other promoters are obesity, refined sugar, Excessive CHO, alcohol , and smoking.

3 Stage 3: Progression.

If all other defenses fail and damage spawns a tumor and will become a full blown cancer.
Nutrition is Linked To Cancer. Science has indicated that 1/3 of all cancers are linked directly to nutrition .

Therefore One of the best methods of preventing, reversing and curing cancer is through nutrition.
A diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and low salt intake.  Flesh foods are the worst foods to eat when one has cancer. The diet must be 80-90% raw. Green juices and cleansing foods are the best  treatment for cancers
as they have phyto-chemicals that starves the tumor of food.

How to prevent or Cure Prevent is the best cure for any illness.

Herbs, lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy, non enema bowels cleansing enema and and salt glow and having a clean forgiving heart. Many individuals believe cancer is an illness related to the inability to forgive

The key thing to prevent and cure cancer is to baance your blood Ph so that is nearest to PH 7.-7.4 in such a state disease find it difficult to grow. Perfect blood perfect health,Food is the chief method of doing this.
1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants: garlic, cruciferous vegetables( i.e. broccoli, cauliflower), Blue berries, B12, folic acid, magnesium. I lemon in 6-8 ounces of water each morning.

How to fight the 1st Step- Initiation 

-The first line of defense is to cut off foods that promote the disease

-caffeine interferes -Eat tomatoes cooked they contain the antioxidant lycopene

- eat foods that gives vitamins A,C,E (i.e. carrots, citrus, avocado)

-Genistein stops free radical from harming cells -eat five servings of vegetables daily

- eat seven or more serving of whole grains

-avoid refine white foods, sugar, flour and their products.

-Avoid meat if possible all flesh products -Restrict dietary fat

-avoid processed oil, hydrogenated oil and margarine,

-avoid charred, jerk barbeque foods -Do not take alcohol

-eat food providing selenium -do not smoke

-avoid MSG

-Practice the eight health laws,
-Have daily communion with God
-Have faith in The Almighty -Develop a spirit of forgiveness.
-Believe that you will be healed Herbs That Help
- Lemon -Drink 6-8 ozs. of water with one lemon juice each morning acts as a preventative
-Cleanse the system -with combination of any 1-3 of these herbs
Black walnut, Red clover.Moringa, Blessed thistle, Pau D Arco, Semi contact, Build the immune- Red clover, Licorice, Chickweed, Goldenseal, Pau D Arco, Milk thistle Nettle ,Oregano (boil 1-3 with 2 cloves of garlic

IF you do have help and the cancer needs HERBAL CHIMO you could ASK the JICM Center to make it or give you instructions on how to make and take)

This will help to kill stubborn cancer cells.and stop them spreading. Sometimes when the Cancer is stubborn you may have to use the ESIAC Tea. Ask the JICM center how to make it and use as its use can pose challenges.

. There may also be the case where you may have to do herbal surgery to draw out the cancerous lump that refuses to waste away .You will definitely need some one to help as this can be challenging as well as dangerous.

 The herbs use here are usually blood root, chapperal, poke root ginger root among others and DSMO to transfer the medicine.It is used in the form of a poultice .This is put on externally

.You may also use black salve. This is really a dangerous procedure.If you do not know what you are doing you could remove a whole organ and should only be attempted with help of a train herbal doctor or MM missionary who is trained and experience.


This information is not intended to diagnose or medicate You must not disregard conventional medicine  and your medical doctor   
 The above information is for educational  purposes only  putting at your disposal  resources to help you make educated choices when it comes to your health and cancer.  




J.I.C.M. Wellness Centre:{ Jesus Incorporated Counseling Ministry Wellness Centre  is a natural health and wellness organization geared at helping individuals to make lifestyle changes through the implementation  of the eight naturals laws of health.

Its aim is for participants to achieve maximum health by preventing or reversing lifestyle diseases. The health advise on this site is given from a medical missionary point of view and is not intended to give specific medical ,diagnoses , prescribe or to replace traditional medicine. 

Therefore if at any time you are introduced to a program then it is advisable that you check your health practitioner for advise to see if it will enhence your health.
However you sometimes have to educate yourself and also step out in faith as many traditional  doctors do not readily embrace alternate medicine. One major reason their pharmaceutical sales will drop and their clientele will be greatly  reduced.

Natures eight doctors namely the eight health laws will be giving you advise. They have proven to be the best practitioners, always reliable always available and most of them are free of cost . Sometimes nature has to be given some help and so you  will  be introduced to nutritional herbs which will be beneficial in helping to maintaining your health or correct some health problems.

As said before these are not intended to replace traditional medicine and should be used with caution. Contrary to many belief herbs do have side effects if they are used over extended periods and wrong dosages. As medical missionaries we are bound by principle and integrity to let you know this. This counseling ministry is not intended to miss lead you for the sake of financial benefits or gains.

We encourage you to keep taking your medication until your doctor tests tells  you to reduce the dosage or to stop completely.

This site also stands by the writings of Ellen G White a woman of spiritual enlightening and who seeks to direct individual to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are invited to give your feed back on articles that are posted on this site. They will be vetted then if they s are in accordance or will enhance the information here they will be published;
To contact us you will find information on the about page. We hope you  have a great, educational,  spiritual and physical experience as you browse.

When you have received your healing  our advice Go  And Sin No More less a worst thing come upon you.
 Simple  put if you go back to do what had originally caused you to be  sick then the illness will return
As you have receive  freely give go out and make tell the good news to others.

We also take prayer request for healing Call: 1876 3781354

Administrater: Author
Juliet Christie Murray.

The Spirit Of prophecy and The health Laws

-->   The health laws are There  for the many individuals who are seeking good they are the eight natures doctors.Here is a quick view of what the pen of inspiration has to say on each of them. They are arranged under the acronym .N.E.W.S.TA.R.T
    1  Nutrition     Ministry of Healing     
Our bodies are built up of the foods we eat. There is a constant breaking down of tissues of the body .Every movement of every organ involves waste. And this waste is repaired from our food. The food should be chosen to supply the elements we need.   In order to know what are the best foods we must study God’s original plan for man’s diet. Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us. These foods prepare in a simple and natural a manner as possible are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength ,power of endurance and a vigor of intellect that is not afforded by a more complex  and stimulating diet.

 2                         Exercise            
The faith I live     .EG White                         
One of the first laws of the being is the law of action. God has appointed labour is a blessing to man. When the brain is constantly taxed while the other organs of the living machinery are inactive there is loss of strength ,physical and mental.
Ministry  of Healing
Inactivity is the fruitful cause of disease .Exercise  quickens and equalizes the  circulation of the blood. In idleness the blood does not circulates  freely  and the change in it so necessary  to life   and health does not takes place.
Walking is preferable to riding or driving for it brings more of the muscles into exercise.Such exercise would in many cases be better for the health than medicine.

3       Water               Ministry of Healing – Nikae  Walker
In health and sickness water is one of heaven’s choicest blessings .Its proper use promotes health .It is the beverage God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man. Drink freely it helps to supply the necessities and assist nature to resist disease. The external application of water is one of the easiest and most satisfactory ways of   regulating the circulation.  A cool or cold bath is an excellent tonic.
Warm bath opens open the pores and thus aid in the elimination of impurities. Both warm and neutral baths sooths the nerves and equalizes the circulation

 4         Sunshine:                 Medical evangelism E. G. White.  Sharonie
Bring the sunshine the sun of Righteousness into the sick room: The most helpless can be in the sunshine. The pure air the glad sunshine the flowers and trees, the orchards and vineyards and outdoor exercise are health giving life. In building of houses I t is especially important to secure thorough ventilation and sunlight. No room is fit to be occupied as a sleeping room unless it can be thrown opens daily to the air and sunshine.

 5      Temperance                                          
Ministry Of healing:      E.G. White  ,     The Faith I live:     E.G. White
Among the victims of intemperate are men of all classes, they have lost their self control.
In relationship to tea, coffee and tobacco and alcoholic drinks the only safe course is not to touch not to taste not to handle. Abstain from harmful indulgencies, and fleshy lust . Strictly temperate habits combined with exercise would ensure both mental and physical vigor.

 6          Air:                                          
Ministry of Healing E.G.White
The lungs should not be deprived of pure fresh air. Full deep inspiration of pure air should fill the lungs. Out of doors amidst the things that God has made the sick, breathing the fresh health giving air  can best be told of the new life in Jesus Christ. Encourage them to breathe the fresh air, encourage them to breathe deeply.

7       Rest                    

The Adventist Home    E.G. White                                                         Keeping Late Hours
The practice  of sitting up late at night is customary but it is not pleasing to God. These un -timely hours are injure to the health and make  unfit  the mind  for the next day’s duties.
Ministry of Healing  E.G. White
Some make themselves sick by over working ,for these freedom from care and a sparse diet are essential to restoration of health. Those who have broken down from mental labor should have rest from wearing thoughts

   8    Trust In God:   Ministry Of Healing E.G White              
Put your faith and belief in God. Look not to self but to Christ. He who healed  the sick and cast out demons when he walked among men is still the mighty redeemer. God often permit those in whom we place confidence  to fail us in order that we may learn the folly of trusting in man and making the flesh our arm. Let us trust fully and humble ourselves before God.

Conclusion      Taken from  The Faith I live 1959_ Walking as Christ Walk 

 All who understand the laws of  health  should realize their obligation to obey these laws that God has established in their being .Obedience to the health laws is to make the matter a personal duty

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