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Take the Limit Off God for He came to set the captive  free

I was talking to a medical Missionary lately .He said someone called him to talk with  individual who is ill. He was not told the nature of the illness until he arrived at the home. He was told that it seem he was having some form of demonic attack. 

The Medical Missionary said he had to stay outside and pray to God asking him to protect him before he went inside. As he converse with the young man the young man said he was been attacked by Satan because Satan told him to do something and he did not do it and Satan was punishing him by taking away his job and making his life unbearable.

He said he was at the point of doing anything Satan wanted because he wanted to be rich. The MM said he asked him if he could pray for him, the young man  told him he could do anything he like because His God is Satan. He said he prayed and at the End when he said in the name of Jesus the young man said in the name of Satan.

This is the state of the world Satan is attacking individuals both, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
 Somehow or the other this young man has become a captive of Satan.

 But Jesus came to set the captive free  from whatever situation  he finds himself in

Are you bound by disease?  Are you a captive to Illness?
Do you believe you can be set Free? Yes you can as long as you do not put a limit on God. 

Do not put a limit on God. Do not put a limit on God’s power.
Jesus came on earth and gave us the secrets of how to keep our bodies free from disease .He also gave us through the pen of inspiration the methods by which disease may be reverse.
It is generally taught that disease come through 3 reasons. 
1. Braking the health

2. Breaking the moral law

3.  For the glory of god 

However  I choose to add these  
4. Demonic attack

5. Drinking the communion unworthily 

 What is disease the definition for disease

given in the Ministry of healing is?
Disease is an effort of the body to free the system of the effects of violating the health laws.  Plainly put It is disobedience to Gods law.  

1. Breaking the health laws what are they
     These are guiding principles given by God to keep us in good Health  with out the use of medication

1.     Nutrition:  that is relating to how and what we eat. The original diet (fruits, grains, nuts, and then   vegetables.
       2.     Water  the body needs water both inside and out
       3.     Exercise: the body functions best  in constant movement
       4.     Sunshine  this is the source of all energy necessary to build vitamin  D
             5    Temperance  Abstinence; avoid that which is harmful use moderately the good
             6    .Air: without oxygen we  will die   
             7   Trust God.  Medicine  ,or herbs do not heal it is God who heals
     These are the true remedies you can assist nature using water, herbs and massage, heat and cold (ministry of healing)

    2.  Breaking the moral law or Ten Commandments.Exodus 20 
         What are some  effects
    Why do we have so much sexually transmitted disease? Because of breaking the law of fornication and adultery.

    Why do we have generational curses 
      by not honoring our Father and mother?

    Why are we unhappy?  In most cases it is because we  covet our neighbor 
    This can  lead  to depression and stress related illnesses.      
    You see  Life always looks greener on the other side there is story of the blind solder  concise as a poem Windows of life.
    3 Demonic possession and demon attack
    Many are ill because of demonic influences in their lives Look at Mark 9: 17-24 you see Jesus healing the epileptic boy  who was ill because of demonic attack. 
    Many times we leave doors ways to demons. By dabbling into things Gods warns us against But thank God for Jesus once we decide  to put them away He came to set the captive free,  that's why we cannot put a limit on God.  

    4. Eating and Drinking the Lords supper unworthily

    Lots of individuals in the church  are ill because they take the communion unworthily. Over in 1st Corinthians. 11:27-30  you can read  verse 30 reads for this cause many are weak and sickly among you and many sleep.
    Go back to verse 28 therefore let a man examine himself.

    5. Some are ill for the glory of God

     Jesus said Lazarus illness was not unto death but for the Glory of God. John 11: 20 
     When Lazarus died he said he was a sleep. He also said I am the resurrection and the life.
    The blind man Jesus healed. When question by the disciples who sinned. he or his parent Jesus said neither he nor his parents, he was blind that the works of God may be manifested in him  

    Can we get well and what is the process?
    1.     Ascertain the cause
    2.     Change unhealthy habits
    3.     Correct the wrong habits and assist nature in expelling the impurities’
    4.     Establish the right conditions (do not return to the bad habit) Go and sin no more less a worst thing come upon you.

    2   Take the limit off God 
     Jesus said all things are possible if we only believe
    Here we come to the crux of the matter many of us remain ill because we do not believe. We have no faith in the healing power of Jesus.
    But this is what Jesus gave to us
    1.     Confess your sins
    2.     Ask for forgiveness
    3.     3 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
    4.     In all the cases where healing took place in the new testament the individuals believed. And Jesus .specifically asked them if they believed or ask wilt thou be made whole, or dost thou believe.
    5.     The cripple man by the pool of Bethesda. John 5:6-7
    6.     The noble man’s son John 4: 49-50 the father believed
    7.     The Blind Man John 9 :35
    8.      The epileptic Mark 9:17; The father believed

    9.  The woman with the issues  of blood she  believe that just  touching his garment
    She would become well and she did.

    10.   Martha Believed that Lazarus would be raised at the Resurrection.

    11.     She  said I know even now  whatsoever you ask of God he will  grant
    12.     Martha put a limit on God but Jesus showed her she could not do this

    13.      He said I am the resurrection and the life and though dead  for 4 days He raise Lazarus there and then.

    I ask all those of you suffering out there, Wilt thou be made whole
    Do you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?

    I ask again is there anyone willing to stand in the gap and ask Jesus Christ to make the sick whole.   In order to do this Jesus said in Mark.16: 15-16

    1.  Go preach the gospel into the entire world to every creature.
      This is interesting He did not say every human being
        He said every creature.
    2.   He that believe and is baptized shall be saved He that believe  not shall be dammed.
         Jesus is not a liar what He says he means it. He said if it were not so He would have told you.

    -And these sign shall follow them that believe 

     1.In my name they shall cast out devils.
     2.They shall speak with new tongues. ( You will change your ungodly   conversations
       .You will sing Gods Praise.

    The song writer knew what he was say when he wrote (Oh for a thousand tongues to sing of my redeemers grace. Oh for a thousand hands to raise in honor to the King)

    Jesus Continued-They shall lay hand on the sick and they shall recover
    John 14:12-16
    He did not stop there.

    -Jesus said verily, verily I say unto you he that believe  on me the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works because I go to my Father 

    -And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name that will I do that the father may be glorified in me.

    -He went  further  to say “if ye ask anything in my name I will do”.

    That is the power Jesus has extended to his believers
    To his medical Missionary. ELLEN WHITE said every member should be a medical Missionary from the pastor come right down. For  it is the entering wedge .

     All these come  with a price Jesus said If ye love me keep my commandments.

    And I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he shall abide with you forever.
    This is the power he gives to his true followers so that they can go out and brings souls into his kingdom.
    I do not know about you but I believe this is why I am a medical missionary.
    I am taking the limit off God. What about you.
    I am pressing on the upward way, new heights me gaining every day.
    Lord led me on to higher ground.

    I  know many of your are looking for a release from the sin, the illness and whatever beset you. Today  I am willing to make an intercession and supplication to The Almighty God , Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and the Omega Through the name of Jesus Christ for you, and ask. him to release the chains that binds many of you and set you free. For Jesus Came to set the captive free.
    So on the profession of your faith you may email and I will make a supplication  To Jesus Letting HIM know you are willing to try. You can say like the man Lord I believe Help my unbelief.
    Do not  call or email to make me feel good, Do not call or email me because you think  you will be healed. Jesus came to set captives from sin . Just  call if you believe that God can help you.
     And if you do not feel like call  or email  Talk to him right where you are God will meet you right there because it’s the hearts that matters and your belief
    Remember if he chooses to heal you physically Then as he told the crippled man he healed.Go and sin no more less a worst thing come up on you.

    NB. Not all healiing are the same .or physical
    Some times our bodies get too tired and cannot withstand the ravages of the illness 
    So healing may come as death.
    But if you give your life to Jesus abd follow his teachings  what a healibg when you wake with a glorifird body with no disease.
     Oh what a great getting up morning that will be.

          Contributing author
    Juliet Christie Murray
    Medical Missionary-Jamaica


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