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 Remove Toxins From the Body

A good health regime is to do a 3 days general cleaning at the end of each month.
 Juices will help neutralize toxins and aid their elimination through the kidney liver and skin
Broth puts back your potassium, aloe and grapefruit mixture cleans blood,  Psyllium sweep the intestine, enema cleans colon.

If it is just a general cleansing your body needs, only juices, lemon and water. chlorophyll or Spirulina
 This is to be used each day of the cleaning. Must be done 3-6 days  

 4-6  Lemon or lime juice
 64 oz Water  spring or boiled water
24 ozs Fruit juice  (grapefruit, orange, lemon)  ( apple, grapes,  pineapple  ) ( melon drink alone)
 24 ozs Vegetable juice  ( calaloo, pack choi, string beans,  cucumbers carrot  celery) do fresh or store in covered container for 1 day
 8 0zs vegetable broth evenings (no Food) ( Irish potato 2 , 2 carrot, celery, onion, garlic,)  pinch sea salt boil strain and drink)
 ( chlorophyll / Spirulina )  
 Enema bag
Psyllium husk
Grain coffee  (draw 2 tbsp in 2 quarts water) use in enema
Deep BloodCleaning (turmeric, I tsp , aloe vera 2 inches,   ¼ tsp cayenne, 1whole grapefruit  without rind)  blend  and take  2 ozs or 4 tbsp at nights   

 Method/  Procedure

1.  Night before mix 1 table  Psyllium husk spoon in 5 ozes water and take  immediately
2.  In the morning take 1 table spoon lemon juice in 2 -8ozs glass Luke warm water
3.  Take one glass of fruit juice mix with 1./2 tsp Spirulina /chlorophyll  7.00-800  am
4   Drink 1 glass water
5.  1 1/2 glass vegetable juice                           10.00 a.m
6.  1 glass water
7.  1 1/2glass fruit juice                                   12.00  p.m.
8   1 glass water
 9. 11/2 glass vegetable juice                             2.00  p;m
10.1 glass water
11. I 8 oz bowl  vegetable broth                       4.00  p.m
13. 1 glass water
14. 5 ozs Psyllium husk in 5 ozs water              6.00 pm
15. 1 glass water before going to bed/ fruit juice

If you experience nausea or headache it is the body getting rid of waste. drink a tea like mint..

Enema must be used if cleaning for a disease. Do at nights before going to bed. 

You can do a salt glow of slightly moist Epsom salt to rub the body then shower.

Drink a light vegetable soup the day after fast and fruit juice before going back to regular meals

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