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 Are you really sick and do not know what to do.Then Natures   Bliss Jamaica is the place for you to get natural healing

I post articles telling you how you can keep yourself well and that is very good  for it helps you to live a happier life. But what does it really profit you if you  live happy here in this life but you have no hope for a life in the new earth. .

So many individuals are having a good time in this present life but they constantly have a pending fear of the judgement. You know as a true christian  this should not be so.I want to present to you the benefits of the gospel of Jesus Christ and this is the greatest  remedy of all I have to give to you

if you are an atheist then you have no need to read this article for you have already believed that there is no God so therefore there would be no judgment.

 If you do believe there is a God and that there will be a judgment then read on.
As an individual waiting the second advent of Jesus Christ and what the Bible teaches then you believe in the first and second resurrection. The first is for the righteous dead and the second is for the dead who did not accept the provision made by Jesus for the forgiveness of sin when he was crucified.

  On the other hand you may have accept the gift of salvation but did not walk according to the teaching of Jesus Christ, expecting to get forgiveness for works but had not the genuine love in your hearts for your fellow men. You may have accepted Jesus but was so sure of your position in Heaven that you forgot to ask Jesus to forgive the daily sins you have committed in thought and actions .Then the second death would also be for you 

As said in a previous article that there are seven phases of judgment and at present we are in the fourth. which is the investigative judgment in which Jesus is judging the living. If for any reason you name comes up and you were not found worthy for him to bring your name to The Father God and tell Him that you are his disciple then you would be lost and there is no repentance for you will be in the second death.
Therefore if behooves individuals to live such a life that if our name come up or if we die then Jesus can claim us as his. Disciple.

Base on the premise then true Christian has no fear for the pending final judgment. How can one know what Jesus expected of them .If you read the Bible especially the Gospels of Mathew , Mark , Luke and John then go unto Acts, Romans ,Hebrews. Then you will see Jesus and what He stands  for. By then If you are Serious the Holy Spirit will guide you to the other Books and other truths. You may after reading those go back to Genesis.
You may also ask in the comment section for help.Anything that I cannot answer I will get someone to answer  them for you in a comment or another article.


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