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The best cure for any disease is to make sure one does not get it. What is the easiest  and cheapest ways to prevent disease ?. It is quite simple that one can scarcely believe.” just ensure that your immune system is healthy and in tip top condition.

Basically there are only three ways to ensure a healthy immune. Herbs ,food and vitamins and (life style choices( Stephen H. Buhner) There Five  herbs  that stands out and are regarded  5 of the best immune herbs according to (Buhner Stephen)  are Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Boneset, Redroot, Siberian  Ginseng. Others herbs that have a milder effect is Echinacea ,  but this should not be taken if you have auto immune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis  but is good in mild infections.

These herbs stand out  when it comes to strengthen, rehabilitating, and enhancing the immune’s he top five can be used over a long period and carry very little s if any  side  effects. Their strength lies in their ability to enhance  various aspects of the  of the immune .these herbs are also used as an-stressor  since they seem to  protect the body from stress and stress is seen as causing impairment to the immune.

.Ashwagandha is reputed to have a strong and sure immune tonic and stress protector
Astragalus has been found to be very effective for the immune, it enhances the body’s own killer cells.
Boneset helps with chills and fevers and pains in the bones and is used in place of Echinacea
Red Root is important since it helps clean dead cell from  the lymph  system.
Siberian ginseng is an adoptogen. Anti stressor, immune tonic increasing nonspecific  resistance against several pathogenic  monoamine  oxidase inhibitor.
Individuals who are able to keep healthy immune have been found to harbor dangerous bacteria which cause illness in individuals with weakened immune. However these same individuals have never develop  any of the disease although they harbor the disease,  
Contributing Author :Juliet Christie Murray

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