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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Is your fibroids Really Bothering Here is help

Fibroid cure juice

Take for the duration of the protocol

Suitable for all types of fibroids

Do enough for the whole day.

 Drink at least 3 times daily.

 Prepare juice and wash fruits and vegetable over night. To get it easier in the morning.

The fresh ginger and turmeric can ease the fibroid pain

Things to make up juice

Whole lemon       , remove mucus

Ginger.                    Ease pain

Apple                       improve taste and sweetening

Turmeric                 reduce inflammation

Beets                      raise hemoglobin levels

Spinach,                  raise  ion, reduce anemia

Collard greens (calaloo, kale, Swiss chard) Alkalize blood

 Things to void

Foods to avoid Soy products this increase estrogen

Drinking from  (BPA) plastic  bottles

No Dairy products and chicken

Herbs to burn Fibroids formula

 1 part Chase berry,

 1 part  Don qui,  

 2 parts  Red clover ,

   2 parts False Unicorn  

2 parts  Chaparral 

 1 part  Black cohosh  

 1 part dandelion

 Combine all and  Use 2 to 3 times daily use

 1 tsp in 1 cup boiling water

It is better to soak overnight before making decoction.

A certain amount can be made and store in the refrigerator

This whole program must be done 3-6 months for the fibroids to be completely removed

Contributing Author 

Juliet Christie Murray 

Nutritionist / M.M

Life style Counselor

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