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One hundred facts for desease prevention


Stay on top of your health dos and dont

1.    D   To get rid of toxins Stop putting them in your body

2.       Do not eat brand name foods of mass production.

3.       Get metal filling out of your dental work

4.       Stop smoking

5.       Do not drink tap water

6.       Buy and use a shower filter

7.       Eat only 100 % organic food

8.       Do not eat in fast food restaurant

9.       Do not eat anything that come out of the microwave

10.   Eliminate aspartame and monosodium glutamate

11.   Do not eat artificial flavors (including Splenda)

12.    Do not drink diet sodas

13.   Do not eat hydrogenated oils

14.   Do not eat homogenized and pasteurized dairy products

15.   Do not eat high fructose corn syrup

16.   Use only toothpaste with no fluoride

17.   Do not use nonstick cook ware

18.   Eat only organic, kosher meat and poultry

19.   Do not eat farm raised fish

20.   Do not eat pork

21.   Do not eat shellfish

22.   If you cannot eat it do not put it on your skin

23.   Get an air purifier

24.   Use only nontoxic 100%organic cleaning supplies

25.   Do not drink canned or bottled juice

26.   Do not use sun block

27.   Do not take vitamins (take juices &whole food supplement)

28.   Do not antiperspirant or deodorant (read ingredient can’t read it do not put on your skin)

29.   Do not eat white processed sugar

30.   Do not ear white processed flour

31.   Eat nothing that say fat free on the label

32.   Eat nothing that says sugar free

33.   Eat nothing that says ,low carbs  or net carbs on label

34.   Do not eat food bars

35.   Do not eat diet or protein shakes

36.   Stay away from hot tubs ,steam rooms and swimming pools

37.   Eliminate air fresheners

38.   Eliminate fluorescent light (use full spectrum lighting (acts like Sunlight)

39.    Reduce or eliminate air conditioning

40.   Avoid dry cleaning

41.   Make your own beer or wine((with pure organic ingredients)

42.   Buy a good vacuum cleaner with a heap filter


C.     You must handle and address your nutritional deficiencies  

       43. Eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetable

44.   Buy a juice machine and use it( 3-4 glasses daily  give all minerals .and vitamin))

45. Eat raw nuts and seeds. (raw means uncooked no salt no roasted.

46.  Get natural sunlight (walk in the sun)

47.  Eat an organic apple a day

48.  Take coral calcium

49. Take all natural vitamin E

       50.   Take liquid colloidal silver Daily

        51   Drink the magic juices ( noni, mangosteen, aloe vera, acai berry )

         52.  Take a whole supplement daily

         53. Eat raw organic honey, bee propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen( if not allergic to bee products)

         54. Get an oxygen water cooler (helps to increase oxygen which is most times always low.}

         55.Take digestive enzymes.

         56. Use organic sea salt

         57. Eat organic dark chocolate

         58.  Take omega 3 supplement

          59.   Eat a fruit or vegetable snack if hungry (apple Pears, celery, carrot cucumber etc)

D      Get something to neutralize electromagnetic Chaos

           60. Use electronic and wireless devices less

          61. Reduce TV Time

          62. Put a plant in your room(add oxygen to your room)

           63. Wear white  as often as you can(white bring positive energy)

           64. Stay away from electric tumble dryers

          65 Take off you shoes and walk on floor outside is better

          66  Speak powerful healing words

           67 .Sleep 8 hours .Go to bed 10.00 pm ,wake 6,00 am

           68. Take an afternoon 15 minutes walk

           69. laugh and smile more

           70. give and get hugs

           80. Have sex

           81. Listen to nice music

           82.Be thankful

            83. Do a kind deed (it stimulates the immune system)

            84. Be lighthearted

            85. Do not eat late

             86. Do not use alarm clocks

             87. Get a hobby, or two (gardening get a pet, cooking, dancing, singing)

              88 . Get a relaxing massage

              89. Do aromatherapy

              90   Get an inversion table and a range of motion machine for exercise.

              91.  Write a goal plan,

              92.   Get out of debt

               93. Have a news fast no reading of newspaper nor watching news

               94.For urges try the Callahan techniques.

               95.Do a dianetics /scientology

                96.  Find your purpose a life

                97..Pay special attention to hand washing they transfer, mold ,fungus, virus and bacteria

                98.Do  a twice per year  internal  fully body detoxification.

                99. On rising  drink a glas of water. Take at least 6 glasses a day.

                100. Do not eat  and drink at the same meal


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