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Menopause real issues help

 Help for  some of the indescribable health  issues associated with Menopause

 There are so many issues related  with menopause , they cannot be described and something a woman  wonders if she is loosing her mind. 

A number of women seem to have stomach issues 

 Many constantly complain of not digesting food properly, some complain about acid reflux

Some complain of nervous stomach  and others complain about gas,. .

Here is something  simple you may want to try

1.  Stomach ; Drink plain cabbage  juice   no water added

2.  Nervousness  Nerve tonic, (ask JICM Center for their formula}

3. Hot flashes: Use female balance  (Ask JICM for formula)  Use Clari-sage oil  rub i drop inside               upper arm

5.  Gas :Drink  fennel tea or chew seeds     Take 1 mustard  each morning for 20 days. Do not take at          night Mix 1tsp Anese seed  powder with 1tbsp honey in 1 glass water boil , 10 mins. take 1 to 2               tbsp daily

6. Memory enhancer:  rosemary tea  ( lemon juice, whey powder. honey)  1/2 cup water

7.  Eat  balanced meals meals on time and drink water ,

8. Read a book ,.do some project  to keep the mind occupy .Start a hobby. do something with a friend.

 9. Fix up your self and look nice  Get up out of your bed 

10 Above all pray for help and just try stop worrying about  the stage of life you are in.

NB. This too will past nothing ever remain the same .

Bless you, Love you. 

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