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Nature fix for eyes


Nature fix for eyes gives instructions for natural methods of correcting and fixing your eye problems

Nature   Vision care 


 Vision care 

Do you find your eyesight failing in your 40s? I did. Little did  I know. I was affected by pre-diabetes. Diabetes is one of the first causes of. eyes sight failure. in middle age. 

As you age you must pay special attention to your diet and monitor starch, fat, and sugar intake. This  will stall the progression of eye disease?

  Hower diabetes is not always the cause of eye diseases. It could be caused by eye strain, or degenerative macular  disease.  Here You will be introduced to exercises that can reverse your eye disease. I will give you information on the best eye product that will correct almost all your major eye problems. You may even be able to put off that eye surgery you were planning for. 

I introduce this excellent product that will help correct most of your eye problems.

such as foggy eyes, burning eyes, difficulty seeing words, red and itchy eyes, cataracts,  eye strain, glaucoma


Vision care 

This product is made up of nature's best herbs for correcting eye disease.

After realizing that your sight is not as it was before, you should be practicing eye exercises. Here are two

 1. Exercises For nature Eye Fix

 This is how it is done. Hold your head in one position throughout the exercise.


look down

look left 

look right

look diagonal up and down.

Do all these six times.

Do daily for at least  30 days

Exercise Two for natural fixes 

 Now hold your head very straight starting as if reading a very large clock face. Starting from 12 o'clock.  go to 1:O'clock straight to back to  12..O'clock moving your eyes to each hour and coming back to the base of the clock hand. . Do )this  in reverse   starting from !2: then go  to 11:O'clock  right back to  12, O'clock

Exercise for Eye Fix  3

Close your eyes and cover them with your 4 fingers and rub lightly in a circular motion 4-6  times.

 This will tone the eye muscles and you will be surprised that your eyes will start seeing much better.

having done that I would recommend that you take the herb supplement known as bilberry some countries call it huckleberry follow the instructions on the container. Always remember to take it with lots of water.

The eyes most times have lots of dust particles in them which can cause the eyes to see less.

 You may use the herb fennel to make a light tea and use it as an eye drop, you can also drink the tea 1 tsp in 1 cup boiling water. 

if you are suffering from cataracts this can be easily removed naturally by boiling 1/2 tsp of nutmeg in 1 cup of water boil to 1/2 cup. Get a clean eye drop bottle and a very clean piece of white fabric and strain. Remove all the nutmeg residue. Put only 1 drop in each eye 1-2 times daily you will be seeing like a young child.  However, it is best to use a really good already readymade tried,  certified, and proven natural eye formula, 

 It is still your eyes, if you are not a professional natural healthcare provider you may be doing this at your own risk.since this treatment must be administered with extreme care .to learn more

     Nature's Secret for healthy  for Vision care 

Supports vision health with Ocuprime's specially selected and formulated with 24 most powerful and effective nature ingredients


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