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Diabetes can be cured naturally if you make up your mind to do what is. Required.

1.   On waking drink 1 glass of water

2.   You must do exercise every day in order to help the body to expend energy.this is no joke you  will  not reverse diabetes without exercise and diet change
Sample stretching exercise
Do 10 stretches with hand straight up above head go up on toes
Do 10 ten stretches with hand trying to reach the floor
Do 5 stretches to the right with right hand
Do 5 stretches to the left with left hands
Do 5 stretches to your right with right hand above head
Do 5 stretches to your left with left hands above head
Do stretch the neck with head up 5 times
Stretch and turn neck to the right 45 times
Stretch and turn neck to the left 5 times
Place left foot  as far back as it will go, put right foot forward with hands on knee. Stretch 5 times
Stretch forward leg by raising the toes and straighten leg 5 times
Repeat the procedure for the other leg

3.   Squatting with hand movements

 Bend knees as if squatting put hand before you moving the hands as if bouncing a ball straighten and bend the knees with each bounce...
With knee still bend raise both hands at sides ad if. chopping bending and straightening the knees the same time
With hand stretch and palm turn outward  a little. above waist and knee in same bending position as before push forward 5 times bending and straightening knees at the same time.
Spread out both hands to the sides at shoulder level  bend and straighten elbows pushing hands to the sides with the same bending and straightening knees as you go
With hands straight above head bend elbows and straighten as if shouting hallelujah while bending and straightening knees.
Now reverse. Do the same actions in the reverse.As you get better you can increase the time for each action but make sure each actions is done the same number of time along with the squats

4. Walking
Walking 500 then increase brisk steps cooling down with slow steps
Now go and get your next glass of water in which you have put the juice of 1 lemon

Meal planning

Use cereals nuts and seeds. Use nuts spearing 1 serving per day that which you hand grabs
up is a serving.
Use peas and beans as your chief sources of protein

You may take the following as tea they help to control how the glucose is used by the body
Cinnamon.crease string bean broth, sea morning glory buchu

Dandelion, cascara sagrada butchers broom, and milk thistle .buck-thorn n

Sample breakfast

Fruit: fruit plate 2 serving 140
Cereal: porridge with soy milk or substitute 1 cup 100 calories
Bread or substitute 2 slices toast 140 calories
Protein:1/2 cup beans stewed beans 120 calories
Hot beverage: use one of the teas above do not add sugar


 Starch: 1 1/2 cup steamed diced sweet potato. 210 calories
 Cooked vegetable: 1 cup steamed broccoli  with  tsp olive oil  70 calories
 Fresh salad :1 cup tossed salad 40 calories
 Protein:1 garbanzo bean with spaghetti in tomato sauce 180
Dessert: 1 small cookie  100

1 glass fruit juice or 1 serving fruit.  110 calories


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