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  Prostate Cancer: Symptoms  The prostate gland is a small gland situated at the base of the rectum which can be felt by the index finger. It is important to the sex organs as it carries a fluid that mixes with the semen that acts as antibiotics that help the female reproductive organs to stay healthy. There are often no symptoms associated with early-stage prostate cancer. However, most cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed before symptoms develop through screening . The American Cancer Society lists the following symptoms associated with later-staged prostate cancer: • Inability to urinate • Discontinuous or weak urine flow • Difficulty in starting or stopping urine flow • Frequent urination, especially at night • Blood in urine • Pain or burning with urination • Continuous back, pelvis, or upper thigh pain A physician should be consulted if they persist. It is important to note, however, that these symptoms may be caused by factors unrelated to prostate cancer .