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·         Christ Jesus  The substitute:  He has become our substitute. He sacrifice his life for us we no longer has to make blood sacrifice for our sin. If you find yourself doing  so or were told to do so you are sacrifice to Satan. Jesus’ bloodshed on Calvary made full payment for your sins all we have to do is to claim it.

·         Christ the Lawyer :There is no need for you to feel guilty when you have committed a sin. Jesus now becomes our lawyer and pleads for our  sins submitted to him for forgiveness He pleads our case before the heavenly courts and he never looses an case.

·         Christ Jesus  the star witness: He  is also the star witness to the sins we have committed and the sins we put before for forgiveness. No sin can be too vile or great  that Christians cannot place before Jesus and ask him to forgive that will not be forgiven expect the sin of Blasphemy   against the Holy Ghost  Jesus said such sin cannot be forgiven.

·         Christ as The Judge: He  also act as judge within the heavenly courts. He is said in Ezekiel 18:27-32 to be impartial giving equal justice to those that seek him ,rewarding individuals as
they deserve.

·         Christ Jesus the purifier: Jesus does the special work of taking away our sins and make us clean. There is no need for you to feel guilty for the past confessed sins and do not let anyone burden you for the sins you committed when you were x years. The important thing after confessing them you should endeavor with the help of Jesus to try and do them no more. However If for some   reason you got weak and slip Jesus is there to ask for forgiveness.
 Malachi 1:3 Jacob  depicts Christ purified  people and Esau represents the people who do not accept Salvation  children of Satan. Jesus will rain down destructions on such individuals Ezekiel 25:26:27   as he did to the people in these countries who did abomination in his sight.

·         Christ Jesus the vindicator: He is  pays the full of our sins committed which enables us to be vindicated. He wipes out all the sins we have committed and Satan can no longer lay Claim to us as he tried to do with Moses. Jesus said My blood covers them all.

·         Christ  Jesus the assuring good news:  As the heavenly host looks on  -and the other un-fallen worlds they will  realized the God is Just. To prove this He will allow Satan to have full reigns on the earth. In such time inequity will mature. This is the reason why at this time all type of wickedness is advancing. Satanic Heavens are spring up all over the world. People are selling themselves to Satan making blood sacrifice to gain wealth and Fame. At the same time they   infiltrate the young with vileness and wickedness. Through songs, games and movies. The sins of Homosexuality are more rampant and subtly toppling Governments and churches demanding all sorts of favors and right to the destruction of  nations..

·         Christians do not have to be dismayed as these immorality grow we know that it must be for Jesus has given Satan free  reign  so that the un-fallen world and  people must  see the extent of Satan’s wickedness and come to the conclusion that when God  finally destroys him, God is Good and just. God loves his created planet and his created people.

·         You may want to read about the Cosmic Conflict between God and Satan Read this book The Great Controversy By Ellen G white. 
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·         You may post you comments in the comment section below.

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