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The first day at school stress

Stress the number one cause of most Diseases

What really is stress:-
-  It is seen as pressure, strain, tension , tightness .(physical  )
_ it is also seen as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse   or demanding circumstances.
-Under stress the body may respond by releasing chemicals in the blood stream to give more energy or strength to deal with the condition on hand  if is physical. - Such as the fight or flight reaction, or  the burst of anger response when  face with  physical danger,
-These chemicals release are good for the body  in short periods but under extended  period it can be bad. This is why stress is sometime said to be good or bad.

There are different categories of stress

Internal Stress: Is the one that has you worried about. Things you can do nothing about .things you have no control over. Yet you worry Eg. (The rain won’t stop falling and I cannot get the clothes dry)This is dangerous stress.

Emotional Stress: Is your response to situations around you such as (noise around you, work, family etc, You must identify the cause and design ways and strategies to deal with it.

Fatigue and over work Stress: This type is built up over long periods of time and can take hard toll on the body physically, emotionally and mentally.

 Mental Stress can affect the body and mind:

People under large amount of stress can become, tired, sick and unable to concentrate and think properly ,they cannot make sound decisions, they can  go into depression, they can have a full blown mental breakdown.


There are many warning signs such as
 Tense muscles, Over eating, cold limb nervousness.
Nervous stomach ,dry mouth ,frequent visit  to  the bath room.      
 Shortness of breath ,impaired judgment , frequent colds and flu.
 Biting nails,  anxiety forgetfulness, irrational, defensive  lack of patience, argue all the time, fatigue
Smoking headaches , excessive  drinking  of alcohol.
High blood pressure , back pain,  Terrifies of heights.
Others are always wrong, drug  use ,mental problems, grinding  teeth,
Excessive movements , Twitching , restlessness , reclusiveness

  1.  Recognize  you are stressed
  2. Stop –and breathe
  3. Convince your body to relax
  4. Responding to the immediate physical effect of stress can help fix long term stress
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Eat healthy
  7. Sleep regularly 7-8 hrs is best
  8. Adopt a hobby
  9. Avoid over use of any drug,
  10. Stop smoking,
  11. Stop taking caffeine
  12.  Go on an inexpensive  vacation
  13. Organize  yourself  (Plan your day , organize your work and  time)
  14. Some people may need professional help to deal with stress.since they may be having an imbalance adrenal gland.

 Quick Fixes  For Stress

1.Breath deeply: it slows down heart  rate and reduces anxiety                           
 Focus on your breathing and breathe for a count of 10 . Repeat.   
                           Breath in as if filling a paper bag and out as if you are forcing out the air from the bag.

2.Relax your muscles: Bend and stretch arms, clinch and unclench fingers  rotate wrist, bend over, squats  etc ,massage neck  and shoulders muscles                                

3 Make a change: Step back from what you are doing or is straining you for few second,  can bring back a lot of perspective;  go for a quick walk,  play some music, dance, sing loudly, drink a glass of water, talk to a friend, go outside. Just change  what you were doing.

4.Laugh :       nothing relieves stress like laughter it releases endorphins that   relaxes the whole body. Laugh at yourself or some form of comedy not others.

5. Converse with God: 

                 Pray and ask for help Isaiah 26:3  States God  will keep in perfect peace those                     whose minds are steadfast on Him

contributing author
Juliet Christie  



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