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Flax Seed Medicinal benefits


Flax seed and Some of its Benefits


There are times when the finances get so low especially in this time when the Covid 19 pandemic seem to be escalating instead of abating. We sometimes are faced with some health situation that sometimes require medical assistance immediately referred as emergencies and no matter if there is covid19 or not we must seek medical help.

However, there are times we are faced with medical situations that may require medical assistance but they are not life threatening and we can hold on a little longer if we are having financial challenges.

 Some good old home medicine will help us waded through the situation until the financial situation changes. This is  why I am introducing you to the benefits of the good age old Flax seed  and its medicinal benefits.

Constipation: If fences is backed up you can get myriads of health problem. This is when flax seed can come to your aid. No need to run to the doctor to get mineral oils or other laxatives ,

Blending flax seed in a blender dry. Mix 1 Table spoon in 8 oz warm water and drink all. Make sure that you drink at least 6 glasses of water during the day. Depending on the degree of the constipation you can do this up to 3 tbsp in 3 glasses of water during the day.

Reduction of built up liver fat in little or non-drinking alcohol drinking persons if taken for 12 weeks along with making a few lifestyle changes.

Reduction of inflammation in the colon and will improve symptoms of ulceration colon.

Reduction Of PSA for prostrate cancer in men who have precancerous prostrate condition  who take flax seed  and a low fat diet

May lower the risk of lung cancer if flax seed is consumed daily.

May lower the top reading(Systolic)  blood pressure when taking flax seed.

May Lower cholesterol ( LDL) low density  when taken  for 8 week consistently.

Reduces inflammation in people on hemodialysis.

Reduces tumor growth in women recently diagnose with breast cancer , if taken for 40 days. Note no  study to prove  that it will heal cancer completely.

May improve blood sugar. When taken whole for 12 week help control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes.

May improve  skin : According to studies have shown that when flax seed  is applied to the skin  it nourishes and balances  the oil, improves the skin barrier, nourishes over exfoliated and chemically damaged skin; replenishing vitamins and minerals, resulting in a  softening of fine lines and  a radiantly  healthy skin.

Poultices for pains  need a quick poultice try flax seed and water add other ingredients

Contributing author Juliet Christie Murray
 This information is for educational information only does not replaces your doctor’s advice.



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