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J.I.C.M. Wellness Centre:{ Jesus Incorporated Counseling Ministry Wellness Centre  is a natural health and wellness organization geared at helping individuals to make lifestyle changes through the implementation  of the eight naturals laws of health.

Its aim is for participants to achieve maximum health by preventing or reversing lifestyle diseases. The health advise on this site is given from a medical missionary point of view and is not intended to give specific medical ,diagnoses , prescribe or to replace traditional medicine. 

Therefore if at any time you are introduced to a program then it is advisable that you check your health practitioner for advise to see if it will enhence your health.
However you sometimes have to educate yourself and also step out in faith as many traditional  doctors do not readily embrace alternate medicine. One major reason their pharmaceutical sales will drop and their clientele will be greatly  reduced.

Natures eight doctors namely the eight health laws will be giving you advise. They have proven to be the best practitioners, always reliable always available and most of them are free of cost . Sometimes nature has to be given some help and so you  will  be introduced to nutritional herbs which will be beneficial in helping to maintaining your health or correct some health problems.

As said before these are not intended to replace traditional medicine and should be used with caution. Contrary to many belief herbs do have side effects if they are used over extended periods and wrong dosages. As medical missionaries we are bound by principle and integrity to let you know this. This counseling ministry is not intended to miss lead you for the sake of financial benefits or gains.

We encourage you to keep taking your medication until your doctor tests tells  you to reduce the dosage or to stop completely.

This site also stands by the writings of Ellen G White a woman of spiritual enlightening and who seeks to direct individual to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are invited to give your feed back on articles that are posted on this site. They will be vetted then if they s are in accordance or will enhance the information here they will be published;
To contact us you will find information on the about page. We hope you  have a great, educational,  spiritual and physical experience as you browse.

When you have received your healing  our advice Go  And Sin No More less a worst thing come upon you.
 Simple  put if you go back to do what had originally caused you to be  sick then the illness will return
As you have receive  freely give go out and make tell the good news to others.

We also take prayer request for healing Call: 1876 3781354

Administrater: Author
Juliet Christie Murray.

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