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Cure for Worm Infestation

  Counseling: Sometimes we are so ill that we give up hope of ever getting well ; it maybe hard to believe but the problem in many cases is caused by worm infestation.

They  can be avoided if our immune is very strong .Sometimes all we require is a deworming once per 6-12 months.

However you could decide to take a vermicide that cuts up the worms and they come out through the stool or you can take a vermifuge that detach them from the intestines and they are expelled from the system.  You need to do a repeate to make sure you get rid of the overload. Sometimes they are in the blood and other organs and can become life threatening and dangerous.

In the intestines they are said to produce some of the healthy bacteria that is why the aim is to keep down the over infestation not to completely kill all.

When they start robbing us of our food and overload our body with their poop it's time to get rid of  them and their excessive toxins they can produce.

Start with these simple food Drink pineapple juice blended with pumpkin seed 3 times daily

-Coconut water mixed with pumpkin seed and papaya seeds 3 times daily 

l .Detox the  body with pure melon 3 times daily  3-7 dsys .

You can add 2 glasses green juice daily with not less than 3

This should include cucumber  Kayle

Spinach celery.parsley, broccoli. Lettuce .calaloo. parsley .celery etc .

you may now add some herbs  you can use a combination of 3 for maximum effect.

Herbs for  deworming

Black wall nut 


 Semi contract

Worm wood

Worm seed

Joseph coat


Pomegranate all parts especially the  root

 You should add some Probiotics to balance the intestinal bacteria. 

It is best to do a quick follow up repeat ..

You can exchange some of the herbs  some from the list above for the next repeat to some from the list below  too. These can include



Golden thread


grape seed extract


Oregano oil

Oregon grape

Symptoms of worm infestation: 

-Flu like symptoms




-Stomach cramps


-Gas bloating

-un explained weight loss

-Abdominal pain or tenderness


Complications: of worm infestation

1 Intestinal worms increases your risk of  anemia. And intestinal blockage

2.Complications may occur  in suppressed immune system such as people with with HIV AIDS

Prevention: of worm infestation

-Regular wash your hand with warm water and soap after 

-Using the the bathroom

-Handling pets  and their feeding containers

-Wash or reheat any food drop on the floor

-Wash peel or cook any raw fruits and vegetables  with boiled or purified water.

-Freeze fish and meat 4° at least 24 hrs before using.

-Thoroughly cook ground  meat to  62°.8C and 71°C for whole cuts of meat.

Let cooked meat rest for 3 minutes after cooking before carving or eating


Get them to .wash their hands regularly with soap and water.

Types of intestinal worms:

1 .Flat worms including tape worm and flukes worm

2.round worm  which include ascariasis, pinworms

,hook worm infections

Cause of worm infestation:

1.Eating undercooked food from animals

2.Consumption of contaminated water

3.Consumption of contaminated soil

4.Contact with contaminated feces

4 Poor sanitation 

5.Poor hygiene

NB: always wash hand after handling soil.planting plants  handling wet mops and pets.

While your illness may be worm infestation related never forget  that what we think we become. Let love for others just  as we love ourself  be on the fore  fron of or frontal lobe of of our minds.

The mind is the most powerful instrument in healing.coupled with trusting in the devine being that created us.

Read the book Minis9ry of Healing .Ellen G. White: Chapter Mind Cure page 241

Contributing author:

Juliet Christie Murray

Credit is given to the following,

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