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Tobacco is the only legal product in the USA that when use correctly kills one out of every four of those who use it.

It is responsible  for the death of over 450,000 person each year. Smoking leads to a variety of painful and terminal illness. 

The greatest number of smoke relating deaths are from heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Two of the most frightening and distressing diseases associated with smoking are emphysema and burger’s disease.

Emphysema is a progressive disease in which the lungs are slowly destroyed resulting in slow suffocation.
Burgers disease is characterizes by  clogging and inflammation of the capillaries cutting off the blood supply  and can result in gangrene of the fingers and toes which starts out as numbness especially when sitting for long periods. 

Even if it does not kill you right away some of the effects are just so bad. It weakens the bones and a risk factor for back pain. it causes impotence and premature menopause. It accelerates hair graying, skin wrinkling, loss of vision, decrease physical capacity .Cancer treatment can be painful and disfiguring a stroke or heart attack can leave you disabled.
You have a lot to gain by kicking the habit..Longer life, more energy, fewer medical expense, the air is fresher, breathing is easier, food is more flavorful, money goes further,  you smell better.

 How To Quit Smoking
It is not easy to quit smoking the sergeant general report that nicotine is six to eight times more addictive than alcohol. Yet since 1964 44,000000  has stopped smoking most have kicked the habit on their own. The success is 5 times higher for those who have attended a seminar.
An addiction to tobacco is both psychological and physical.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms to expect are. Nicotine craving, rapid mood swings, tremors intestinal problems, headaches,  increase smokers cough,   as the lungs clean themselves, sleep disturbances, hunger, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, difficulty concentrating,  frustration or anger, nausea.
The average person experience about 5 of these symptoms when he or she makes a complete break. The worst of the withdrawal symptoms are over the first 24-72 hours.

This is the process: To Quit Smoking
v   Choose to quit: write down your reasons for quitting, keep them with you and review them frequently.

v  Eliminate all cigarettes, marijuana , and things use to make them Do not choose to fail get rid of them

v  Plan strategies to resist the graving. A craving only last two to three minutes; This is when you drink lemon and water, or the smokers tea. Take several deep breaths. Tell someone why you want to quit. Find an activity not related to smoking.

v  Exercise daily: Exercise relive the tension. It is a powerful mood elevator. Plan some sort of moderate exercise such as a brisk walk.

v  Get more sleep. For the first 5 days your body will tend to require more sleep. Arrange your schedule  so that you have the option. This will prevent mood swing and irritability.

v  Drink 8-12 glasses of water per day. It will help to wash the poison from your system and prevent dehydration not other beverage will do this. Eating   just fruits and drinking only fruit juice or water for the 1st 24 hours may help flush your system of toxins.

v  Shower and bathe more frequently this will help the nervous system keep the pores open  and as foolish as this may look it is one safe method of reducing the nicotine craving. Shower and smoking just does not cut it for most people. Get some help from a medical missionary or someone who knows how in getting a steam bath it will get rid of the toxin. Do this 3 times per week

v    Avoid substances that makes it more difficult to quit ,caffeine,  increases the withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol  interferes with the judgment  it will suppress the ability to stick with your decision

v  Avoid heavy meals especially in the evenings it  brings on the urge to smoke.Spicy foods such as  mustard, vinegar, ketchup pickles, peppers even cinnamon can increase the urge to smoke

v  Avoid smoking associates and situations: When, where, and with whom. If you usually smoke at the table after dinner then get up immediately .What about that chair did you always sit there with a cigar in your hand? Get up and do something else a walk is good.
Tell your friends what you are doing and ask for their support.

v  Help  someone else. The act of helping someone else quit provide a tremendous  boost and motivation for you to keep going.

v  Preserve: If in a moment of you give in to your cravings don’t give up Determined to preserve and continue fighting until you win .Figure out what went wrong devise a plan so it won’t happen again. Do not allow yourself to flounder in self-destructive thoughts .condemnation and stop try. Never stop trying.

v  Ask for help: Many people  find that their strongest resolutions and most sincere promises are like ropes of sand .They are slaves to tobacco /marijuana incapable of freeing themselves. There is hope for those in such position. Your loving creator will giving  you the strength. if you ask him.

v  Spend sometimes  with God in prayer each day:   Surrender yourself and your will to him. Remember to give him thanks for your life. Ask for forgiveness  for messing up the body he has given you with tobacco. Ask him to forgive  all your sins. Ask for strength to stop and  to overcome the addiction. Never forget to asking in the name of Jesus Christ. If you do not do this you will not be able to enable God the Father help. Keep a prayer every minute in your heart and each time the craving comes ask Jesus for help and do not stop until the craving goes. All things are possible if you only believe.

v  Do all of the above especially the one above this and you are Going to experience may be for the first time who Jesus really is.

The Smoker tea.
Vervain    1tbsp
Skull cap  1tbsp
Catnip      1tbsp
Valerian    1 tbsp
Mix together . Add 1tbsp in one cup  boiling water. Steep for 30 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily.
Lemon Water: 1/2 lemon in 8 ozs water: sip when craving comes. The lemon maybe added to all the water you drink. Lemon is the best .No lemon use lime.
Vapor Steam bath: Add eucalyptus to vaporize water: Sit on a chair place hot water under chair and cover body and chair with a blanket. Or take a hot bath and put 1tsp eucalyptus oi in water .Best to take nightly before going to bed.
NB. Do not  do this  if you cannot rest for 30 minutes before going out  of  the room

Salt Glow: this will help to take away toxin, rejuvenate and cut down on craving strengthen the immune . Get Epsom salt about 1-2 lbs. Put in basin. Add 2 tbsp water .Use to scrub entire body. Leave for 10-15 minutes then shower.

More Advance help

If you need more help and support call us at 1 876 3781354   or contact us through the contact form 


Read  this First How to quit smoking

It can be very difficult to get off smoking. There are many good programs but many individuals still do not benefit. These people have to get manual help. Manual help can be healthy herb cigarettes , smokers gum or smokers tea. People who smoke always have problem with their adrenal gland. If individuals are addicted to cigarettes they are addicted to sugar too because the body converts the nicotine to simple sugar 

This could be the reason for the sugar addiction. This program can take  one week - one month it is hard to say. Studies have shown that smoking is the number one killer in the world. It has adverse effects on the whole human particularly the lungs, brain, heart, nerves, arteries and the digestion

                                                What you can do.

 Protocol 1
Smokers liquid  cigarette replacement 
1 cup honey                                       
  ½ lemon juice
1/3  tsp  pepper mint oil                    
  ½ tsp spearmint oil     
2 tsp liquid smoke                              
 ½ tsp clove       
1 ounce apple juice                            
 ½  tsp cayenne, 
 Mix  all the above together .              
Take 1 tsp  when necessary
This will trick the brain and get  smokers addicted to this which they can easily come off.

 Smokers tea
1tbsp Verivain
1tbsp skullcap
1tbsp catnip
Steep all in ½ cup water for 30 minutes  and take 1 tbsp in in one cup of water drink 3 cups per day


Protocol 2 that makes smoking unpleasant
-Steep 1 tsp spoon marjoram in  8 ozs boiling water .creates a dry sensation and makes smoking unpleasant

1 tsp charcoal in ½-1 glass water 2 times a day

 Remove Toxins
 Take a sweat bath 1 time per day to remove toxins
 Drink 6-8 glasses of water
Get plenty exercise a brisk 30 minutes walk is beneficial
Pray  and get into a peaceful environment.

Contributing Author: Juliet Christie Murray    Medical Missionary Hanover Jamaica
Credit is given to Mormon Wilson and DyerRhonda Wilson

You should visit the center or call for help if you are not able to do the practical sections of this educational protocol.
Disclaimer: This is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat a medical problem. It is intended to educate as to the alternatives available to the problems above. Please visit your medical doctor for your medical problems or concern you may have.  I therefore I release the J.I.C.M. Center and its subsidiaries of  any liability arising from the use or miss use of the program protocol. My using this program  protocol is entirely at my own risk and is an  indication that I agreed to the terms mentioned above.
Signed User…………………………………………………………………………………………

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