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How to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks Naturally


Lots of pregnant women complain that they have lost the beautiful skin on their bellies because of  unsightly stretch marks. Their major concern that men will no longer want  them. and if unmarried they fear men will not want to make them their wives.

Stretch marks are usually associated with rapid weight gain or loss ,It is not only associated with pregnancy, It can be seen in fast growing adolescence, during puberty and individuals who do weight building.

These marks are distinctively different from  from the other unaffected area they may look red , bluish ,purplish,  brown, white or some cases silvery,   

The best cure for any disease is prevention. Use a good moisturizer on skin before they start in early pregnancy. 

Can you remove stretch marks or make them look less conspicuous Yes, natural remedies are very effective too. here are a few below most of them work with water to remove them after applying .The best way to help is to  use early after they occur. No one treatment will do the trick and is best to massage in instead of just slapping them on.

1. Castor oil This is very powerful .Apply generously on fabric ,cover with Saron wrap(plastic)         leave on overnight to heat up, remove in the morning and wash with water.  repeat until            you  get the desired  results. 

 2. Aloe Vera jell. apply the clear jelly in an aloe Vera leaf for  10 - 20 minutes. then wash with        water.

Stretch marks due to weight gain

3,  Lemon rub cut lemon or the juice of a fresh lemon  for 10 minutes on these lines. Remove          with  warm  water

3  .Olive oil  Rub on the skin condition the 4 antioxidant in this oil , vitamin E.A polyphenols                   and Hydroxytyrosol are very effective.

5,   Sugar   mix with almond and lemon tub onto the skin area of stretch marks for 10                          minutes then wash  off.

7 ,Alfalfa powder 2 tbsp  mix with  8 drops chamomile oil into  paste and rub on stretch marks       for 15  minutes ,wash off with warm water

8.   Coco butter .2tsp , Shea butter, and vitamin E1 tsp heat and melt the shea butter  add the           coco butter and melt .Remove from the fire and mix well. Cool and use as a cream on the           marks

10, Hyaluronic acid though  could not be called a natural treatment  will he very help full too.

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