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The Road To Healing



JICM Wellness Center  Alternate Health Practices

Jamaican teacher, Lifestyle counselor, poetry writer
Juliet Christie CEO
 Is built by  a healthy life style counselor who has created this educational healing site intended to help you get well. Provided here at this website is information on lifestyle diseases and how to manage them naturally. Suggested are physical products that can help you on your healing journey.

 Should we use pharmaceuticals
 They are not your first choice of action. Pharmaceuticals do have their place in bringing relief especial in emergencies and trauma but they rarely correct the underlying causes of lifestyle diseases.

Therefore use them when you must to bring short term relief however with extended use you must pay the price by the side effects they produce or make conditions worse.
Doctors are necessary to perform surgeries and write prescriptions if there are no natural alternative available.

The 8 free doctors called nature's health laws(N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.)

 You must be aware that doctors are necessary and are good at treating emergencies,trauma victims. perform surgeries and write prescriptions if there are no natural alternatives available. To better manage your health through lifestyle practices and nature's medicines. these 8 laws are the true Healers, available to all free for cost. 

We are to make use of good nutrition, practice daily exercise, drink enough water, make use of sunshine , enhale fresh air, by learning to breath properly, Temperance  abstain from putting harmful things in our bodies, get adequate rest and learn how Trust God and communicate with him the Almighty creator of all healing energies.

Body detoxification and cleaning

 Your next step is to learn how to clean your body organs and systems through detoxification, then start to repair and build them so that they operate at peak performance.

Here are numerous opportunities become acquainted about  with detoxification methods. You can also earn money by learning about and  promoting detox  equipment and program by just investing an hour or two daily or weekly  


Some of the simple tools of nature available to you are natural herbs, nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy and massage therapy which are offered on site 

Here will  be posted healing protocols that you may read and make educated choices. We will post some recommended  books ,websites sites and products that we think you will benefit from. Consider our weight loss program which  is simple but effective as long as you follow all the instructions.

You will be introduce to some herbal teas which because of geography location you may not be able to obtain  however for a small contribution you will be able to get  their name and formulas and how to make from recipes from us online.

herb detox tea


Since your country may not allow the importantion of herbs we could create a formula recipe for your specific health problems and email it to you and you  purchase the ingredients and physically make the product could get them on line for problems such as block tubes in females and the universal probems of  fibroidS, male problems like prostrate and erectile dysfunction,

You will get an instructions on how to use  these herbs therapy to address some of your common health issues such.  We have research this company that makes herbal products. When you visit  search for anthing you need.

 They contain the same ingredients and proportion that we use in our special formula. These are suitable to the help the body systems you wish to treat;Especially  after. obtaining the health report from the assessment form you used below.  

 In many cases you do not need a doctor they are necessary to perform surgeries and write prescriptions which in most cases you do not need. Make use of the 8 nature's doctor mentioned first.

 Here is the   free  Body Assessment

 Body System Health Assessment Form

  Use it right here online it will help you identify each of  your body systems which is weak and  needs improvement. It suggests products and protocol you can use  to repair each.

If you wish we educate you on how to use various protocols for each problem identified.

 Remember "healthy body systems perfect and healthy bodies".

 Diet and Foods

 Food is not just to assuage hunger and produce  energy .It contains healing properties, geared at healing every disease, You will be introduced to plant base supplements ,diets and recipes to help you reduce the consumption of fleshy foods as you strive towards complete healing and reduction in animal foods.

Spirituality Heals too

 It should not to be overlooked as many diseases are cured because of the faith in the Divine, (Jesus and God) who has the power to heal if you ask (Mark 11:24) and have the faith to believe (Matt:17;.20 )They make the impossible possible. Miracles still do happen. The mountains in your life can be removed since many of them are stress related and poor decission making. 

You will be helped from the information on how to improve your spiritual walk ,do not take likely the Videos and books recommended. here.

We hope you will find value on this site that will make you a healthier and happier person.

You may visit us personally at our location in Sandy Bay, Hanover Jamaica.or leave us a message in our contact form to the right of this page. 

You may also email us and we can help you plan  treatment protocols specially designed to manage your lifestyle diseases, be it cancer, aids diabetes, high blood pressure, just email or call.

Do not hesitate to contribute if you find this site was of use to you' that it can remain on the internet by clicking the subscribe button  
Help us keep this site on the internet

  Email us  or call us 
1 876 868 5692.

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