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Natural Gall bladder and Lver Cleanse


Traditional liver and gall bladder cleanse usually ensure that the entire body ends up in good health and wellness 

How to do this 

1.The day before drink apple juice all day and lots of water every 3 to 4 hours

 2.At  3.PM  take 1 tbsp. Epsom salt mixed in ¼ cup water.

3.1/2 hour after drink a tea made from dandelion and or milk thistle You can use 5 capsule open in 1 cup water boiling water or 2 tbsp  tsp herbs in 1 cup water.

stone that has formed in the gall bladee
Gall Bladder Stone

4.At 6 .PM you do another dose of Epsom salt

5.At  8 PM you mix ½ cup grapefruit   or lemon juice with ¼ cup virgin olive oil mixed until the mixture looks white. Drink all the mixture at once and lay on the right side with legs drawn up in fetal position for at least 30 minutes.

6 .At 10 PM  drink the  tea mixture again

7.At 5Am  take Epsom salt mixture and the tea ½ hour after.

NB. Drink lots of water during this period

8  By 6- 7 AM you should be going to the bath room as the system begins to flush.

9. By 10 Am you should be able to do a light breakfast

For best results you should repeat this  3 times  1 week apart.

Contributing writer                      

 Juliet Christie Murray 

Healthy life-style counselor                                            






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