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Why Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed   Ejaculation
The  majority of men with sexual problem usually tend to place emphasis on erectile dysfunction and  premature ejaculation. But rarely you find a man who is worried because it takes him over 30 minutes to climax and sometimes not at all. You see to most men delayed ejaculation  is seen as the mark of a stud .However the man who cares about his partner satisfaction finds it a  real problem.

Such situations can be physically painful and also mentally painful for the woman. Physically her vagina lubrication starts drying and the friction of penis against vagina can be painful  as the area gets sore.

Mentally she begins to stress herself that she is not exciting him enough because she may not be sexy enough, attractive enough or she is not doing it right and more so that he really does not love her or that he wants to be with someone else.

What are some of the possible Causes of the problem
1.Medications  -
a.    SSRIs  -antidepressants  like Prozac, Lexapro  Zoloft Paxil.  and Celexa
b.    Benzodiazepines  - drugs lead for anxiety like Xanax. And Klonopin
C.   Blood pressure medication
D.  Medication for convulsion
e.    Medication for cholesterol

2. Anxiety and Depression
3Autoimmune – multiple sclerosis  , hyperthyroidism  can cause  SD
4.Short term  health conditions - UTI and other infections.
5.  Emotional –Fear, anxiety, nervousness, emotional hang up as being seed as a stud if , fear of               getting a  Pregnant
6. Practice Masturbation  for long periods and recent masturbation, watching porno and masturbate,
7.  Low hormone –like thyroid or testosterone
9.  Non encouragement from your partner -She does not make you feel  as if you or doing a great        job
10. Less than 20 minutes fore play
11.  Some thing bothering your mind
12. High level of stress
13.Prostrate problem

14 Psychological problems
 Depression, anxiety and mental health issues
-          Relationship problems, due to lack of communication or doubting partner
-         Anxiety  about performance especially if it  occurs more than once
-         Poor body image and organ  size
-         Cultural and religious taboos.
-          Difference between what was expected fantasy   about  the partner and the reality of the sexual            fantasy
  15. damaged nerve:  nerves on penis , head or soreness.
    16. Older age  :as men age, it's normal for ejaculation to take longer
    17. Surgery : as prostate surgery
    18.Alcohol abuse: especially if you're a long-term heavy drinker

  Complications of delayed ejaculation can include:
   ·   Diminished sexual pleasure for a man or his partner
   ·   Stress or anxiety about sexual performance
   ·  Marital or relationship problems due to an unsatisfactory sex life
    ·  Inability to get your partner pregnant (male infertility)

Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray

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