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FISHER MEN PARA DICE a poor representation for the creator's promise  Paradise
 The Rabbinic Dream For the Future

John 5:6  Wilt thou be made whole?  
That was the question Jesus asked the man with the 38 years of infirmity waiting to be healed in the pool of Bethesda.
Notice Jesus did not ask  do you want to be healed. He said “ Will thou be made whole? A whole person is well spiritually ,mentally, socially and physically.
I asked you the same question today “will thou be made Whole”

We all want the Rabbinic dream. We all want to live forever. Do you know why we want to live forever? We were  created to live forever.

Gen.2 :9   Tells of  trees  in the garden of  Eden and fruits  that  could be eaten freely if man wishes. However there was one he should not touch or eat of its fruit. (The tree of knowledge of good and evil ).For the day they touch  it they will die.

Gen: 3   Saw man’s disobedience and from that day he started to truly die

 Gen ;22 -24 tell of man  being bared from eating of the tree of life  less he became a perpetual sinner and live forever.

 From that day man developed an extreme thirst and passion  to regain perpetual life  and live forever  He is :
1_wanting to be save from death
2-seeking to find the fountain of youth
3-Seeking to create the elixir for perfect health
4-Seeking his former glory 
5-seeking his former perfection and to live forever

Just take a look at how industries capitalize on this yearning 
1.The cosmetic industry : bleaching cream,  rejuvenating creams , make up and Cosmetics  
2.Clothing industries creating clothes to make one look young and appealing
3 Natural Health industries go over board in creating  health foods, recipes diet plants  and medicinal products; all trying to reap the benefit of man’s craving for eternal life.

No one wants to look old , old age means death  and no one wants to die because we were created to live forever . and we all seek the rabbinic dream.

How ever there is one way available to man for living for ever that is through  the gift of Jesus Christ. Sacrifice.
We must be able to  live and die well with Jesus.
I repeat we must be able to live well in Christ and Die well in Christ.
Many start the journey well with Christ but
Many falter  by the way. 
No matter how well you started or continue
You must finish  the  journey with Christ if you seek eternal life.

Do you really want to live forever
 Ezekiel 47 tells of a river that flows  from a sanctuary  and on both sides is the tree of life  whose fruits will be good for food and  the leaves for  healing.
The question is when will this tree, fruits and leaves be available for complete healing.

Revelation  22  also tells us of a river of life clear as crystal coming from the throne of God and the lamb. Which God   ( Yahweh) Jehovah)   and  the lamb is His son  Yashwah   (Jesus Christ)

In the midst of the street  is the river of life.  On either side is the tree of life that bears twelve fruits and yield them every month.

Not like the seasonal fruits we now have mango ,plumbs , pears .
The leaves of the tree is for the healing of the nations.

The throne of God and  the lamb will always be there and his servants  shall serve him
The Questions is asked who are his servants?
It Goes on to say  and they shall see his face , and his name shall be in their foreheads
I repeat who are his servants .
 Those who have the identifying marks of Jesus. The righteous.
They shall have everlasting life

Revelation 22. States they will no more experience curse, they shall not experience night for God give them light. The righteous shall live and reign forever and ever

Blessed are those who heed the words of this book (Revelation)
Blessed are those who do his commandments  that they may have right to the tree of life and enter the city.

Out side are  dogs, and sorceress, whore mongers, immoral persons, murders, adulteress and those who love and practice lies.

Readers and listeners ,my brethren. If we have started the journey of wanting to live forever . we must  continue to live it well but most important we must finish well.
Living and achieving the Rabbinic  dream well, is to be obedient to Your heavenly Father. And the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Wilt thou be made whole?

 John The revelator says :Testify to anyone who reads  the words of this book If anyone adds to this book God will add the plagues  that are written in this book
If anyone take away from this book God will take away his part out of the book of life  (Revelation  22. 18-19 )

Contributing author
Juliet Christie Murray
MM. Ceo Jicm wellness Centre
Sandy Bay, Hanover  ,Jamaica. 

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