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Bone Cancer Program

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 Rethinking Cancer

Before starting this program go on a 3 day fast if the body can stand it .
Drink this juice 4 times a day clean the blood by taking 4 ozs beet root juice, 16 0zs carrot juice, 8 ozs cabbage juice and 16 green juice made from calaloo, cucumbers 1 stalk celery, sweet peppers, string beans, pack choi and any other green.

Blend each group separately and combined. Use at least 4 green veg. for the green juice and alternate them
Stop eating all flesh foods. Stop smoking, No coffee.
- Drink lots of water6-8 glasses and eat fruits, Drink potato soups eat lots of
vegetables and continue the juice 3 times per day.
-Do a non enema intestine cleanser use 1 tsp Psyllium husk to 5 ozs water drink
before thick.

- Do coffee enema
_ Do a salt glow.
- Do steam bath
- Take a sun bath of 30-45 minutes 3 times day to to get vitamin D

Take supplement Vitamin B3 100 mg 3 times daily
Vitamin C 3000 mg 2x daily
Zinc 30 mg 3 x daily
Beta carotene 50,000 mg 3x daily
Ferro-t liquid iron 2 tbsp 2x daily
Calcium 1500 3x daily
Magnesium 800 mg 2x daily
Amino acid 500 mg 3 times daily.

Mix the following and drink as tea
Chaperrol 7 tbsp
Red raspberry 7 tbsp
Shitake 1 tbsp Pau de Arco 1 /2 cup
Poke root 6 tbsp
Astragalus 6 tbsp
Reishi 6 tbsp
Green tea 6 tbsp
Chlorella 6 tbsp

Rub DSMO 99 % over pain daily
 NB apply olive oil first to prevent rash Caution use small amount with extreme care in body lotion. Ask for help.
Use the hot pain salve to rub whole body.
Take Essiac tea on empty stomach on going to 2 hours before bed time or hrs before meal in the morning

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