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While a lot of individuals are bitten without any allergic reaction others  get reaction which causes redness, itching, swelling and some even break  out into bumps that oozes and cause sores.
 Do you wonder why  two individuals would be sitting at a particular spot and mosquitoes would swarm one while the other person is completely at ease and is not affected at all.
There could be one or three reason why one individuals is not affected,
The person may have on an insect repellent or they could be wearing a particular perfume or have on an aromatic oil such as peppermint.oil

The other reason the blood of the individual not affected carries within it substances that mosquitoes do not like.
The skin carries a smell that they do not like from the sweat mixing with — your microbial flora, on the skin
You have a healthy immune system that can easily combat the allergens place by the mosquitoes.
. At the end of the day the trigger (mosquito bite) is not the cause of the problem, it is the immune systems inability to recognize an irritant and deal with it without overreacting.
There are some people who have strong allergic responses to the bites which may make it seem like they're being bit more often, but they're probably not

 Research helped to show that mosquitoes are attracted to humans by blends of common chemicals such as carbon dioxide, released from the skin and by exhaling, and lactic acid, which is present on the skin, especially when we exercise. But none of the known attractant chemicals explained why mosquitoes preferred some people to others.
There are some foods that are believed to discourage mosquito bites and the adverse effects
 Foods that are high in
Vitamin C,
Vitamin B1 ,
Colloidal silver water
These will builds the immune and also give  blood and un appealing  smell to the pest.  It is suggested that plenty of  fresh fruits and vegetables especially grapes and green vegetables  juices be added to a well balanced diet.
There are also some herbs that can help to boost the immune
Licorice  -        
Echinacea –    
Paude arco
However if you still find that mosquitoes  are really  attracted to  you may try using the following herbs as natural repellent.

. Lemon Balm is said to be the number one her to act as an insect repellent to mosquitoes.
Then there are  five others that you can use if it is not readily available.The oils and tincture will work too but may wear off in a short time especially  the tincture. You can also burn candles that are made  from these herbs

 1. Citronella ( lemon grass)

Sort of “the original” for bug repelling, with a powerful lemony scent. It’s used in many commercial bug repellents and candles.   it can be a skin irritant. It’s also not quite as portable as lemon balm or the others listed below.  

2. Catnip

Studies suggest that catnip may be even more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET (the ingredient used in most commercial bug repellents, which is highly toxic  It can be used similarly to lemon balm; crushed and rubbed onto the skin. A word of caution to cat owners: watch where you plant your catnip

3. Marigolds

In addition to mosquitoes, marigolds repel garden pests, too!   The flowers are edible as well, and add color and flavor to salads or can be a gorgeous garnish when you want to dress up a dish.  4. Lavender
Grow it around the house and garden to keep bugs away. It’ll grow inside too, if you keep it next to a sunny window. Has a lovely scent, pretty purple flowers and calming properties as well, so it’s a charming addition to your garden or home for several reasons!

5. Peppermint

Biting bugs don’t like the scent of peppermint, so you can crush up the leaves and rub it on your skin to ward them off. As an added bonus, peppermint also can also do double-duty as itch relief if you do get bitten!

Contributing Author"Juliet Christie Murray

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