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Fennel is considered an appetite depressant, and   a weight loss aid.  All parts of the Fennel plant are safe for use, Use  Tea to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers.  Menopausal women use it to ease the associated symptoms. The leaves or stems can make a poultice  for nursing mothers to relieve breast swelling. 

Fennel Teas, or Fennel Water is used to break up kidney stones, quiet hiccups, prevent nausea, aid digestion, prevent gout, purify the liver, reverse alcohol damage to the liver, and treat jaundice. 
Good for colic and flatulence, in babies and to expel worms. 

It may be used along with conventional treatments in prostate cancer ( it is definitely worth trying), but consult with your doctor first).

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It may be used as Gargle for breath freshening and as an eye wash.To make Fennel water, use 8 drops of Oil to 1 pint of water - take up to 8 teaspoons per day. 

Fennel is disliked by fleas, it can be used around the house to reduce flea;  can be used for a steam facial to open the pores and  to rejuvenate the skin of the face .

Fennel has a very pleasant aroma and the seeds are sometimes used in  and on baked products. Fennel has an history of being use by many of the greatest   doctors and chemist of their time.

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