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Pancreatic Cancer help Protocol


Pancreatic Cancer help Protocol


 Weakness, diabetes, pain in stomach or lower back, jaundice , diarrhea, weight loss

Cause of pancreatic cancer is usually caused by:

1.       -Wrong food habits

2.       -Poor diet

3.        -Excessive Commercial, seasonings, and spices spices

4.         -Smoking / 2nd ary exposure to smoke.

5.         - High fat diet, protein, sugary, and salty foods.

6.          - Chemical and toxins  exposure

7.       -Predispose, factors:  heredity, pancreatitis, diabetes,                  constipation

8.       -Dairy products, meat eating.

9.       -Low immune response


1.       Natural Treatment: Change the wrong habits above

 Follow the 8 laws of health NEWSTART    Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air , Rest, Trust God. reduce stressful situations.

 Because the individual is likely to feel weak, and do not want to eat especially if  they do radiation or chemotherapy  they will be  nausea. 

 The Diet must be nutritious and taken in small quantities

2 . Suggested diet  

Have 3-4 serving of fruits daily include in them (blue, purple and red berries) ½ cup ) is a serving.

Add 6 ozs. of freshly squeezed orange juice daily

Eat oatmeal add grounded flax seed and a few raisins and walnuts

Drink bone broth made from Irish potato and bones and carrot.

Eat fish and chicken about 1 time weekly

Eat a handful of nuts and seeds daily (chia seed, sunflower, sesame seed, pistachios. Almond etc) .

Remove red meat but its best to remove all flesh for a while

Add whey or hemp protein powder in order to keep weight stable 3tbsp daily

 Drink Golden milk: 1 glass almond or soy with ½ tsp of turmeric powder Daily . Do not eat any form of peanut.

Have lots of carrot juice Do not add any sugar 3-5 glasses daily if cannot tolerate food

Have 1-2 glasses of green juice daily made up of at least 3 (lettuce, cucumber, celery, broccoli, callaloo etc} each time. Add spirulina to at least 1 glass daily and a piece of garlic. Have 6 glasses of purified water daily.


Pancrestic  cancer Eat whole grains cornmeal. Brown rice , wild, black rice ,quinoa,  fresh vegetables and steamed reduce starches to minimal , Do not eat any product make from wheat . bread, pasta etc. while on this protocol

The individual may have digestive problems since the good bacterial may be destroyed therefore, probiotics is recommended, try Acidophilus 1 tablet daily

4, Take supplements to build the immune as it is now compromised.

  Vitamin  C. 5000 mg daily , Vitamin D 5000IU daily Beta Carotene  25,000 IU , 4 times daily for 3 weeks. Kelp 5 capsule 2 times daily. Spirulina, 4 capsule daily or 2 tsp 3 times daily. Blackstrap molasses  1 tbsp  2 times daily , Irish moss 2 capsule 2 times daily, Alfalfa  3 capsule 3 times daily open it water is better. Golden seal ½ tsp in juice 3 times daily for 8 days at a time rest, 7days then start again, Take 100mg zinc daily. Take 500 magnesium daily Take selenium 200 mg daily and vitamin B complex1000 mg daily .Take ashwagandha   to reduce stress and help sleep.  For pain take white willow

5, Herbs  to remove pancreatic cancer.cells

 Blood’ cleaning tea


 St Johns wort   2 parts

Chaparral          4 parts

 Pau D arco       4 parts

Violet leaves     3 parts

 Echinacea       5 parts.


Mix all. Make a tea of 2 tsp in 8ozs water take 4 times daily

Until done.

Maybe repeat consult  the herbalist


 Burning cancer cells tea

Chaparral        1oz

Alfalfa              1 tbsp

Pau  D arco      1 oz

Shiitake            1oz

Astragalus        1 ozs

Periwinkle         1oz

Mix and use and use 1 tbsp In cup  2 take  times daily.

Until done

Maybe repeat consult  the herbalist


5. Pancreatic cancer Detoxification; A 3 days fast drinking only juice can be done at least once every 21 days

 Enema Take coffee enema 2-3 times daily.  Draw grain coffee in 1 quart water cool to body temperature , pur into enema bag and gentle insert the tube into anus, gentle run the tea in. Hold for as long as you can . then go bathroom and evacuate, Take 1 capsule senna  every 3 days. If have diarrhea  stop the senna

Salt Rub :do Epsom salt rub  3 times weekly do a warm bath after each (. ½lb  Epsom salt, damp and rub over entire body  Bathe in warm water, dry  off, wrap and go to bed

Castor oil pack : get a  marina /T shirt . cut off sleeves and neck pour on I bottle of castor oil .Fold it , Put on area ,put plastic over it, then bandage to prevent leakage. This pack can be reused nightly. Just store in a plastic bag

NB The only healer is your own body if given the right condition and stop and change the bad habits that cause the disease. They are listed above. The other healer is God Almighty. Do the 8 health laws and the things above .Ask God for forgiveness and Mercy He hears sinners prayers too and He wish us to turn our life over to him. He has given you your wake up call . You are one of the chosen few. Set all that  straight . Then what is there to fear. The almighty holds everything. He will take care of you.

 For you I am praying , for you I am praying, .I am praying for you. Written with all my love

Contribution Author : Juliet Christie Healthy lifestyle counsellor/ Nutritionist








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