Here is help  for Unblocking Blocked Fallopian Tubes the safe, Natural, and Healthy Way.

Fallopian tubes 

After trying the doctor and the doctor says you have a blocked tube what can you do. If you were given D and C and nothing happens what can you do. You may want to do the following. to ensure your body becomes healthy and well  to be able to have a child

Do a complete body cleanse

1  . Three days fast on only juices, vegetables,s and fruits. drink 6 times per day. Drink lemon and water  Do not eat any food )

2. Take a non-enema bowel cleanse,  Such as 1tsp Psyllium husk in 5ozs water
  and 1 cup  cascara tea; or two tablets 2-3 times daily for 3 days a week;
   Eat light meals Always remember when you do a colon cleanse to take acidophilus  tablets( 1 tablet for 7 days ) to replace the good gut bacterial you may have depleted

4. Take a non-enema colon bowel cleanser. Such as 1tsp; Psyllium husk in 5 ozs water
 and 1 cup  cascara tea make with 2 tsp herb or take two tablets 2-3 times daily for 3 days 
 Eat light meals Always remember when you do a colon cleanse to take acidophilus tablets after the cleanse (1 tablet for 7 days )to replace the good gut bacteria you may have depleted.
5.Do a blood cleanse-Burdock and/or Red Clover and or dandelion tea 3 times per day for 7 days. You may also combine the 3 herbs for best results mixed in equal parts then use  tsp of the mixed herb to 1 cup of boiling water (You may take the herbal tablets instead).

6.  Do a real enema using warm water and black coffee 3 days each week Get a bag;  here (.enema bags) mix 1 quart water with 4 tsp coffee draw and strain.

7.Take; herbal Health Supplements like red raspberry and Don Qui or/chaste berry to balance hormones 3 times daily. (view herb supplements)Search for them on the same site no These will help if you are trying to get pregnant.


                                                           Healthy foods  for promoting fallopian tubes health

Do a sits bath Put your hip in a tub of warm water and sit for half hour each evening for  2 weeks.

  9. Do a 20  minutes steam bath 1 time per week.(sit on a chair wrap yourself in a blanket put a pot of boiling water under the chair best to put it on a hot plate or use an electric kettle so it continues to boil ensure the whole chair is covered so steam keeps in. Put a rag soak in ice water on your forehead and head back; at all times to keep the brain cool.) Cool down quickly by going under the cold shower then dry quickly then dress yourself quickly  and go to bed immediately to prevent a chill.

 10.   Take multivitamins 1 time per day The Nutrilite Women Pack is very good, especially for women with your problem

11. The herb dog blood (infection bush} {Rivina Humilis} will clear any infection in the tube. Take 1 cup of tea made from 1 tsp herb and 8 ozs boiling water twice per day.

  12.Repeat items 2-7 for one week then rest for one week  Repeat two weeks more using the same procedure. Go back to your doctor and get tested better yet try getting pregnant.
 NB:  Keep taking the vitex tablets  for at least 6 months that's how long it can take to work 

         Make sure your partner is tested too in the meantime let him take saw palmetto tablets.

 Jamaica dog blood (infection bush) herb is the best herb for unblocking fallopian

  Things you will need  to create your reproductive  health and wellness:

  Plenty of fruits and vegetable

       Colon Cleansing:           Psyllium husk  Cascara, coffee grounds, Enema bags
       Blood Cleanse:           :  Burdock Red clover, red raspberry
       Clean tube infection:     Dog blood
       Balance hormone:         Don Qui, Chaste berry black cohos
       Supplement                    Nutrilite women pack tablets 
       Probiotics;                      Acidophilous     tablets

Contributing author 
Julie Christie Murray
Sandy Bay Jamaica


  1. If you are in Jamaica one of the best herb that is suitable for this problem is Dog Blood.This is found plentifully on the island . It is also known as inflammation bush

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