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Tape worm can grow to over 100 feet


Is it necessary  to remove worms from the human systems.
In  the book of Job located in the Christian there are various references to worms.
However there was not one instant where worms were seen as builders they were seen as destroyers of the body and were mostly linked to death.
We as living individuals who called ourselves children of the most high God should not allow our bodies to become host for worms and allow them to make it ill or to destroy it .Leave worms to the dead body when the spirit has departed.
If  for some reasons worms do enter then we should get rid of them

In early history not many parasitic diseases were identified in ancient Greek and Roman texts mainly because the symptoms for parasitic diseases are shared with many other illnesses such as the flu, the common cold, and dysentery

hook worm lave

Here are some of the damages the worms do to the body

•    They enter   the digestive tract and eat your food.
•    They irritate your intestines  lining and reduce nutrient absorption
•    They produce toxic excreation, which is harmful to our   bodies
•    They can cause arthritis
•    Diabetes
•    Colitis
•    Lupus
•    Nausea
•    Sinus troubles
•     Back and neck pain
•     Cancer
•    Spasm and convulsions
.     sores that can not heal
•    They can invade body organs and cause them to grow out of shape causing deformity

What  causes parasite infestation

•    Eating raw  poorly  cooked meat- chicken beef, fish
•    Unsanitary food processing
•    Vegetation contaminated by polluted water , animal or human waste
•     Having pets around the house
•     Walking bare foot  on soil and contaminated floors
•    Unwashed hands from contaminated persons,
•    From eggs that are air born and inhaled
•     From insects-flies, knits’
•    Transfer from infected family member

  Signs and symptoms

•    Allergies, diarrhea, constipation,
•    Gas ,bloating,
•    Appetite loss,
•    weight los ,
•    anemia,
•    nervousness,
•    sleep disturbances,
•    irritable bowels,
•    chronic fatigue
•    dry cough
•    picking the noses
•    grinding teeth
•     spam and  convulsion
•    Itching in the anal region
•    Head and ear ache
•    Fever
•    Pail skin
•    Mental dullness
•    Cravings especially for soil
•    Shortness of breath  

You should never live with those worms get rid of them right now

Brugia Malayi, worrm- cause elephantist

What are the most prevalent types of worms

•    Pin worm- very tiny and white causes rectal itching at nights
•    Tape worm –a flat worm contracted from fish can grow up to 35-100 ft long
•    Hook worm-contracted form walking bare feet ,feeds on the blood of the host
•    Round worm-pink or white, 15 inches long  blocks lymph and  airways
•    Whip worm –found in infected soil contaminate by humans and animas
•    Fluke worms –flats worms with two suckers found in infected water and vegetables
                1.    Fluke affect lungs, brain, intestine
                2.    Blood fluke- cause heart attack and related illnesses
                3.    Fish fluke- affect  sinus and intestinal troubles
                4.    Liver Fluke- affect liver causes jaundice, hepatitis, inflame.
                5.    Lungs Fluke. respiration. flu .pneumonia, fungus ,short breath
                6.    Lymph fluke-cancer. Leukemia. Lymphoma, breast  cause from eating raw fish, water cress,
                         shell fish   from infected water
               7.    Pancreatic Fluke- cause alcoholism. Autism, sugar imbalance 
     Other dangerous Worm that very hard to get rid of and may not be able to be  destroyed 
                    Guinea worm 
                     Brugia Malayi,           
                     See More on dangerous worms

Natural help in eliminating worms

    Eliminate pets from inside the house
    Do not eat contaminated foods
    Avoid water cress from infected water
    Wash vegetables in 2% hydrogen peroxide or use salt
    Take 3 days eating raw pine apple alone and water
    Take a tea or tincture of worm wood, back walnut, garlic ,thyme 4-6 weeks
    2 raw onions soak for 12 hrs in 1 pint water, squeeze, strain, drink a cup 3 timed daily
    3 cloves garlic, 4-6 ozs carrot juice  take 2 tbsp castor oil ¼ cup lemon juice mix and drink
guinea worm

Other Remedies

-Papaws seeds- tape worm
-Tincture of oregano and cloves-eggs and worms ¼ tsp at nights
-Pomegranate – round worm
-Garlic, onion, cabbage, carrot- pin worm
-Fig  + ¼ pumpkin seeds-intestinal worms
-Tarragon vinegar- intestinal parasite and laxative
-Senna tea- laxative

Clean colon with an enema and a colonic 2 days per week for four weeks

    You need to do a de-worming at least every six months
    Tamarind  leaves  infuse for intestinal worms
    Worm wood, root ,leaves, seed 

Easy Worm treatment  for stubborn worms in adult

Contributing author Juliet Christie Murray

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