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The best cure for any disease is to make sure one does not get it. What is the easiest  and cheapest ways to prevent disease ?. It is quite simple that one can scarcely believe.” just ensure that your immune system is healthy and in tip top condition.

Basically there are only three ways to ensure a healthy immune. Herbs ,food and vitamins and (life style choices( Stephen H. Buhner) There Five  herbs  that stands out and are regarded  5 of the best immune herbs according to (Buhner Stephen)  are Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Boneset, Redroot, Siberian  Ginseng. Others herbs that have a milder effect is Echinacea ,  but this should not be taken if you have auto immune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis  but is good in mild infections.

These herbs stand out  when it comes to strengthen, rehabilitating, and enhancing the immune’s he top five can be used over a long period and carry very little s if any  side  effects. Their strength lies in their ability to enhance  various aspects of the  of the immune .these herbs are also used as an-stressor  since they seem to  protect the body from stress and stress is seen as causing impairment to the immune.

.Ashwagandha is reputed to have a strong and sure immune tonic and stress protector
Astragalus has been found to be very effective for the immune, it enhances the body’s own killer cells.
Boneset helps with chills and fevers and pains in the bones and is used in place of Echinacea
Red Root is important since it helps clean dead cell from  the lymph  system.
Siberian ginseng is an adoptogen. Anti stressor, immune tonic increasing nonspecific  resistance against several pathogenic  monoamine  oxidase inhibitor.
Individuals who are able to keep healthy immune have been found to harbor dangerous bacteria which cause illness in individuals with weakened immune. However these same individuals have never develop  any of the disease although they harbor the disease,  
Contributing Author :Juliet Christie Murray


Read  this First How to quit smoking

It can be very difficult to get off smoking. There are many good programs but many individuals still do not benefit. These people have to get manual help. Manual help can be healthy herb cigarettes , smokers gum or smokers tea. People who smoke always have problem with their adrenal gland. If individuals are addicted to cigarettes they are addicted to sugar too because the body converts the nicotine to simple sugar 

This could be the reason for the sugar addiction. This program can take  one week - one month it is hard to say. Studies have shown that smoking is the number one killer in the world. It has adverse effects on the whole human particularly the lungs, brain, heart, nerves, arteries and the digestion

                                                What you can do.

 Protocol 1
Smokers liquid  cigarette replacement 
1 cup honey                                       
  ½ lemon juice
1/3  tsp  pepper mint oil                    
  ½ tsp spearmint oil     
2 tsp liquid smoke                              
 ½ tsp clove       
1 ounce apple juice                            
 ½  tsp cayenne, 
 Mix  all the above together .              
Take 1 tsp  when necessary
This will trick the brain and get  smokers addicted to this which they can easily come off.

 Smokers tea
1tbsp Verivain
1tbsp skullcap
1tbsp catnip
Steep all in ½ cup water for 30 minutes  and take 1 tbsp in in one cup of water drink 3 cups per day


Protocol 2 that makes smoking unpleasant
-Steep 1 tsp spoon marjoram in  8 ozs boiling water .creates a dry sensation and makes smoking unpleasant

1 tsp charcoal in ½-1 glass water 2 times a day

 Remove Toxins
 Take a sweat bath 1 time per day to remove toxins
 Drink 6-8 glasses of water
Get plenty exercise a brisk 30 minutes walk is beneficial
Pray  and get into a peaceful environment.

Contributing Author: Juliet Christie Murray    Medical Missionary Hanover Jamaica
Credit is given to Mormon Wilson and DyerRhonda Wilson

You should visit the center or call for help if you are not able to do the practical sections of this educational protocol.
Disclaimer: This is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat a medical problem. It is intended to educate as to the alternatives available to the problems above. Please visit your medical doctor for your medical problems or concern you may have.  I therefore I release the J.I.C.M. Center and its subsidiaries of  any liability arising from the use or miss use of the program protocol. My using this program  protocol is entirely at my own risk and is an  indication that I agreed to the terms mentioned above.
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