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  Diet and nutrition in Different countries

Those who decide to be coworkers with God should consider carefully before they specify for others just what food should be eaten and not be eaten.In some countries circumstances prevent the following of and adherence to extreme health reform.To the poor it is recommended to eat the best of what is available Quote- Counsels on health.( Flesh ,meat) When I could not obtain food. I needed to have ,

I had sometimes eaten a little meat but I am becoming more and more afraid of 394 Meat is not essential for the health or strength. All the elements of nutrition are in fruits vegetables, grains and nuts.When flesh is discontinued there is often the sense of weakness. This is not a sign that flesh is essential. It is because this class of food is a stimulant and fevers the blood and excites the nerves .This is why they are missed.. The body contracts disease easier when it consumes large amounts of meat. When flesh is discontinued it should be replaced with fruits ,grains vegetables and nuts

 Good Nutrition is Eat to the Glory of God No precise line is marked out to follow in diet , but to say in countries where there are abundance of fruits grains nuts , flesh food is not the right food for God’s people.Studies have shown that flesh food has the tendency to normalized the nature and robs men and women of that love and sympathy they should feel for everyone. If meat was once safe to be eaten , now cancers ,tumors , pulmonary disease are largely caused by meat eating,It is important that people who are ministers of the gospel consider the health of the body by controlling what is placed into the stomach. If the light God has given in regarded to nutrition and health reform is disregarded .

 Then how do we expect him to work miracles to keep the health of those who constantly pursue a course in eating a diet that make themselves sick Many who have receive this light of diet and nutrition and will not regard the light they have been given ,will therefore see disease sickness and suffering come upon them as a result of their wrong doing.Many ask for prayers from the servants of God . How can the Lord act on their behalf when they are unwilling to do God's will. The way to Good health. In order to be purified and to remain healthy individuals must follow these simple guidelines.

 Invite the Holy spirit to enter and to stay in your hearts and in your homes. The light has been given that when the children of today humble themselves before God and cleanse the soul temple from all defilement, He will hear their prayers on the behalf of the sick and will bless in the use of remedies from diseases. Pay attention to diet and nutrition Consume a diet of grains ,fruits, vegetables nuts. Drink water on waking up.Consume eight 8 ozs.glasses of water per day unless advise not to by the doctor icy cold water should be avoided Avoid coffee, and tea they make one more susceptible to disease Avoid wines beer or spirituous drinks they dull the senses

Do not drink beverages that are too hot Eat whole wheat bread instead of white.Avoid using too much sugar avoid white sugar.Avoid using large quantities of milk and sugar. Avoid the use of too much spice .Avoid the use of too much salt Avoid using vinegar and oils.Reduce the intake of flesh or if possible cut it from the diet completely.Avoid eating fruits and vegetable at the same meal

Nutrition, Diet ,Health One of the chief suggestion of every health practitioner is that we change our diet to some degree be it small or large. For such to happen the power of the will must be exercise or a diet change is futile

Forgiveness is the gateway to the cure of all diseases. Be optimistic- Try to see the blessings. For you will always see exactly what you are looking for. Pessimistic people get elevated blood pressure and heart problems Research shows that the groups of individuals who get heart attack are those severely and moderately depressed.

 Nutrition The next thing that caught my interest was her counsels on diet . When she wrote about health reform and gave it to the Seventh Day Adventist church it was a new and an alien idea. Today many are now turning to many of the ideas she suggested and other religions are now embracing her teachings. She states. From a principle Adventist are counseled to discard the use of meat , butter ,mince pies, spice,. lard, and that which irritates the stomach and destroys health. However The idea should never be given that it is of little importance what is eaten for adequate nutrition. An improvised diet cannot be converted into good blood

. Poor Nutrition Practices It is of importance that the quantity and quality of food be in strict accordance with the law of health reform. Many take a wrong view of health reform and adopt a poor diet. Many subsist upon cheap and poor quality food without care or reference to the nourishment they give to body systems Diets that are constantly consumed with the foods listed below will lead to poor and miserable blood quality. Flesh meat with spices Rich cakes and spices Poor quality food Improper cooking of foods Insufficient food There are also some combination of foods that are seen as harmful and lead to many of the diseases that affects many today. Many will never be cured unless there is a change or that these foods be cut from the diet completely.

Take for example milk and sugar, consumed together in large quantities impart impurities to the system which is injurious Sugar clogs the system. It hinders the working of the body systems especially the brain which slows considerable when sugar is consumed. IT has been proven that large quantities of sugar is more injurious than eating meat.
  Power of the will .

 It is said that the greatest thing man was given when created was his mind which makes him different from the other animals. Ellen White states that We don’t value the power of the will as we should. This if rightly directed it will impart energy to the whole being and is a wonderful aid in the maintenance of health. It is a power in dealing with disease .

 If exercise in the right way it can control the imagination and be a potent means of resisting and over coming disease. It is the chief source of making a diet change for maximun health

A positive outlook on things and life is one way to develop the power of the mind. Here are a few guidelines to follow. Believe in yourself -What ever the mind can conceive it can achieve. You get exactly out of life what you put in Forgive others -

Health Personal Care
nutritional products  weight loss nutrition 


                                   Help In Getting  Pregnant . Fertility Program
Female partner
Male Partner

Folic acid
Fish oil
Vitamin B6
up to 50mg
up to 50mg
Vitamin B12
up to 50mcg
up to 50mcg
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
up to 2300iu

This is the program to follow if you want to get pregnant
Do an infection test. Do a hormone imbalance test.
 This supplement must be taken for 3 months to get the best results
Take Daily the following supplements

Follow The Hormone-balancing Diet plan
1.      Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
2.      Eat complex carbohydrates – whole grains like brown rice, oats, whole meal bread
3.      Buy organic foods where possible
4.      Eat phyto-estrogens, including beans such as lentils, chickpeas and Soya products
5.      Eat oily foods, including fish, nuts, seeds and oils
6.      Reduce your intake of saturated fat from dairy products, etc.
7.      Drink enough fluids
8.      Increase your intake of fiber
9.      Avoid additives, preservatives and chemicals such as artificial sweeteners
10.  Reduce your intake of caffeine
11.  Reduce alcohol
12.  Avoid sugar on its own and hidden in foods
13.   Avoid using tampon to prevent  toxic shock
14.  Make sure you have sex when the woman is ovulating
15.   Try using the best position for sex such as lying on your back or back entry, (Female) 
16.   Elevate your hip for 15 minutes after
17. After you get pregnant Discontinue the JICM Tonic and get a supportive tonic.

·       : Ask for the fertility tonic at  JICM Wellness Centre)  we will build it if you if you visit  the area in Jamaica. If not you can get the recipe for a small donation.  after donating you will be directed to the information  .Take 3-4 tsps  of this tonic  3 times daily may be taken in juice


*This program is for educational  purposes only  and is not intended  to replace  proper medical care .You have a right to take responsibility  for your own health Using it you do so at your own risk.


  Prostate Cancer: Symptoms

 The prostate gland is a small gland situated at the base of the rectum which can be felt by the index finger. It is important to the sex organs as it carries a fluid that mixes with the semen that acts as antibiotics that help the female reproductive organs to stay healthy. There are often no symptoms associated with early-stage prostate cancer. However, most cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed before symptoms develop through screening
The American Cancer Society lists the following symptoms associated with later-staged prostate cancer: • Inability to urinate • Discontinuous or weak urine flow • Difficulty in starting or stopping urine flow • Frequent urination, especially at night • Blood in urine • Pain or burning with urination • Continuous back, pelvis, or upper thigh pain A physician should be consulted if they persist. It is important to note, however, that these symptoms may be caused by factors unrelated to prostate cancer

. If one wishes and have the faith and the ability to control his eating habits and have the ability to stick to an alternate medicine program.The cancer can be reversed if it is in the early stages or just before it reaches the cancer stage.
 This is why men are 40 years and over are encouraged to do regularly prostate testing But pretty soon this critical testing age has to be lowered as more and more younger men are being affected. As soon as the PSA starts to lift up above 4 then it is the time to start
 If A man is health conscious then he should start by controlling the diet. Keeping the body alkaline is the best way of preventing and reducing all types of cancers Below is a program for preventing or reverse the early onset of prostate cancer. Studies has shown that it does work .However the diet change is a life sentence because it is important to reduce or eliminate all flesh from the diet. Eat at least 60-80% raw foods. Reduce high cholesterol foods and exercise regularly.

 Below is one program that has helped many individuals to reverse. If the cancer is in stage 4-5for that means it has migrate to other organs this program will slows the growth .

  Prostrate Cancer Program

 1. 1. Do 3 days colon cleanse by taking 1 tsp Psyllium husk in 5 ozs water, Do a coffee enema 2 times
 2. 2 Go on a 3 days juice fast. Take nothing else but water 
         First using this .Mix 4 ozs cabbage juice, 
         8 ozs  green juice, 
         16 ozs carrot juice and
         4 ozs beet. take 8 ozs 
         Take these  4 times daily
.        When you come off this fast you will start following a vegetarian diet .and continue to drink                   These juices before and between meals 3 times daily.

 3.3. Take peach leaf tea
          2 tsp to 1 cup water 2 times daily 
          Mix the Following
          2 tsp gravel root,
          2 tsp cleavers
         .1 tsp yarrow. 

 4.4   Take the JICM Wellness Centre prostrate nutrition Tonic as directed. You may get the the
          recipe for the mix here.for a small donation.or if you are on the island you may collect the mix               from the centre
          After donating you send an email  the code to JICM Wellness Center.

 5.5       For cancer stage rub the balls 4 times per week with 1/2 tsp progesterone cream and
             take 1 drop rosemary tincture on tongue 3 x daily.

 6.6       Eat 80% raw fruits and vegetable with emphasis on seed and nuts especially pumpkin and                     sunflower.

 N.B.  During the use of this program neithersugar nor flesh nor honey is recommended .
          Take very, very small portions of starchy foods. and visit your doctor to get a report of how well             you are doing

         Make sure all is taken if you have cance


       Nutritional Supplement

  • Vitamin B3 Niacin 50 mg 1xDail
  • B12 1,000 mg 4 x Daily
  • E 600 IU 2x Daily
  • F 600 IU 1x Daily
  • C 10,000 Daily ( Suggestion 2xD)
  • Beta Carotene 25,000 mg 4x D 
  • for 2 wks then  50,000 mg.
  • Calcium 1200 mg 1x Daily
  • Chealeted Zinc 50 mg !x Daily
  • Saw palmetto 5 caps 3xDaily
  • Cran Actin 5 caps 2xDaily
  • sarsaparilla 4 caps 2xDaily
  • St. John’s worth 4 caps 2xDaily  

  • Disclaimer: This is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat a medical problem. It is intended to educate as to the alternatives available to the problems above. Please visit your medical doctor for your medical problems or concern you may have.  I therefore I release the  My using this program  protocol is entirely at my own risk and is an  indication that I agreed to the terms mentioned above.

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