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Herb for Health and Wellness

                                                    smoothy is good for health and wellness There are many forms in which herbs can be used, the most common of which is in the form of a liquid drunk by the patient, either an herbal tea or a (possibly diluted) plant extract. powders and tablets I have helped hundreds of people with different problems and promoted a healthy lifestyle that leads to health and wellness.Herb-like: to create the formula that is sure to help you   Click the link of your choice to learn more   Male erectile dysfunction  cure  Better Health for men  Red boost tonic For men  Weight loss for men  Better Eye Health for male At  Dr. Freeman – Herbal Home ) we will find herd  to address any of the problem below alcoholism                                                                             Allergy Acne Allergy Athletes foot Anxiety and stress Bad breath Boils Burns Flu Gas(Swollen stomach) P.A.D disease Gingivitis Earache Diverticulitis Colds Alzheimer's


Zika Virus -Spread by mosquitoes originsted in Uganda Africa in 1947 -It was isolated from the  Rhesus monkey -In 2007 the first major outbreak occur in the pacific -Next  major outbreak in 2015 in Brazil -It has reached the USA  -Now threatening to take over the Caribbean - It is a viral disease and the virus is spread by mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti  specie. -It stays  in the body 3 to 12 days in body before there is any sign or symptoms. -It remains in the system 3 to 7 days  and work itself out It is this stage that it is contagious. when the mosquitoes bite SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS -Fever, red eyes without sticky discharge, -muscles and joint pains rash -Swelling, in lower limbs -,pain behind eyes _Babies are  born with small heads and brain not developing fully -Nerve disorders _It is found sperm. to be transmitted by sexual activity _ The Ministry of Health is asking that women  avoid getting pregnant for   one year until the epidemic subsides.