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Kidney Stones

 Problem of kidney and bladder stones is one of the oldest medical afflictions known to mankind. Today it is one of the most common diseases of the urinary system. It currently accounts for approximately one hospitalization in every thousand in the United States. The disease is more common in males, and generally strikes in the third decade of life. Stones are rare in children and in blacks
The human body is very mind boggling, and the most ideal working of each one of its organs is essential for one's general health. The kidneys are a champion among the most fundamental organs accountable for discarding impurities, balancing electrolytes  water, and different kinds contaminations in the blood.
 Kidney stones, generally called renal lithiasis, are certain minerals and destructive salts stores in the kidney. There are various reasons behind kidney stones, for instance, dehydration ,  Over nutrition, not exactly eating the proper diet, use of exorbitant vitamin, and minerals, too much protein forming uric acid .You may experienced, gout and mineral overload, all of which can make the pee getting too concentrated, , making it difficult to evacuate from the kidney to the urethra.
Most kidney stones are calcium oxalate or calcium oxalate combined with calcium phosphate. You reduction in calcium, and  table salt , milk and cheese, high intake of cocoa, chocolate eggs , cabbage will  help in preventing  the onset

 While typically kidney stones don't bring on any bona fide hurt, they can achieve blockage of pee and be to an awesome degree anguishing, in which case, surgery may be required. Here are ten feasible ordinary answers for kidney stones:
·         Water.                        Lemon juice.                   Apple cider vinegar.   hydrangea 
·         Pomegranate juice.         Kidney bean broth.            Dandelion root juice.
·         Wheatgrass juice.         Horsetail juice.                    Gravel root . Renavive.    
·         Celery juice.                                 See your doctor               Basil juice.  Gravel Root 
·         One very good product on the market to give quick relief is


Traditional Black Castor Oil

 Traditional Black Castor Oil
The centre at present have available the real traditional made Black Castor oil
people usually use it as  a hair grower and to thicken the hair.
It said to be good for helping to remove hair fungus. it can be added to other oil such as coconut and vitamin E for dry it removes scaling and 
Yes black I am told by the manufacturer and supplier that no salt no salt was add while processing. The traditional method is to boil over a open 
wood fire,I do not suggest ingesting as it can be toxic.
 However externally It can be used for a rubbing of joint pains. As a hair 
grower black natural castor oil is the best. Castor oil is excellent for tumor
 removal both internal and external and may be applied as  Castor oil poultices or pack
Some people are allergic to castor oil so do a skin test by rubbing a little.on for 12 -24
hours before using all over
Castor Oil for Dry Skin Recipe
Castor Oil (1 tbsp)
 9 tbsp Sunflower or Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Massage castor oil around the eyes can help with dark circles and wrinkles
Stimulate hair growth can be used for growing eye lashes and brows.
Some people boil with salt to increase the boiling point of the water and reduce the time of.boiling
. while this is economical some individuals believe the salt can affect the produce such as causing the hair to fall instead of growing.However this is not scientifically proven. If in doubt make sure it was processed the old time traditional way where no salt was ever added.
 In this economical climate and knowing Jamaicans ingenuity, it is only a health conscious and honest person who will not try and cheat on boiling time.
This supplier of the castor oil at The JICM Wellness Centre has a high standard integrity, honesty, and practices good business acumen.
 The JICM Wellness Centre meets the people as it offers educational Services each week in Hopewell
 Hanover on Thursdays at the No 1 Top Centre and Fridaysioce per month at Orchard Mall
At these locations individuals may get information on products and Services the centre offers. They can also be informed on healthy life style practices as it relates to life style diseases such as hypertension,

 diabetes, obesity and others.

Information on herbs, their uses and side effects is also available. You will get info on how to fully implement the 8 laws of health effectively
Appointments must be made for services at the centre so call 8763781354,-876 868-5692-876-324-4479 to make arrangement for body scan, foot detox and therapeutic massage

There is no need to be concern about cash as the centre now accepts all major credit and debit cards except American Express.

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