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Covid 19 and Herbs Formula

Can herbs help in this Covid 19 Pandemic

Do you know that herbs are very powerful  in maintaining  health and keeping body organs in top shape?

 It is said that what herbs do internally 
 To organs is like what exercise do to the 
outside body with out putting the body through great stress.

.There are some organs that no matter what exercise you do
 their performance and function will not improve.

However if the right type herbs are  administered in the right proportion and combination  these organs will rejuvenate and get back to peak performance.

Here is an  herbal combination you can make to help you if you get covid 19

1 bulb garlic
3 lemon peel skin
juice of 3 lemons
1/2 fresh ginger
6 inches aloe vera  peel (but leave on a piece of the skin)
1 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 quart water.
2 drops eucalyptus oil 
Blend all ingredients, Strain and bottle.
Put in refrigerator. drink 2 tbsp in 1/4 warm water. 3 times daily
Sit in the sun as much as you can.  put on mask when around individuals.
Drink a lot of warm tea. Fever grass is good, mullein, elder berry 

You can make a onion poultice and put on your chest or back  for 3 days  to keep away pneumonia.
Do not forget to keep in touch with the  community health authorities   let them know you  are experiencing  COVID 19 like symptoms  and self quarantine yourself

The JICM Wellness Centre
 has dry package herb combination  formulas that when properly used can be made into herbal teas or tonics.are proven to be very beneficial.

Lifestyle counselling is available to give information on benefits on how to use , duration of use.and amount  also contra indication of herbs .

Available are
single herbs
Special dry formula 
For detoxification , fibroid, menopause..infertility. male poor  sexual and reproductive performance Immune boosters against Civid19
 Lungs, liver. kidney,heart .stomach  health.

We carry black strap coconut black castor oil. maple syrup ,apple cider vinegar, turmeric ,cayenne,  charcoal, and organic herbal soap

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You can also get coconut gizzard with crisp brittle crust  banana muffins and coconut cakes.

Need a quick review of how well your body is functioning  do  a quick body scan..
Relax and relieve stress with one of our many massages and foot detox. 
We hope you will visit us soon

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