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COVID 19 and Enema


So many individuals hate the word enema. however it is a very important part of  removing  toxin, from the body .No matter the type of supplements you take they need to function in a healthy digestive track,

Many individual turn to herbs to build the immune system , but they find the system is still not working effectively

When using herbs large amount of toxins are released as cell begin breaking down and wastes accumulates.

  These are-absorb into the blood stream  making the individual very  ill. If the CPVID19  strikes at such a time one could be compromise.  Enema can be your saviour especially  garlic or coffee enema,


If you choose to go the natural way  understand that Chemo and natural herb therapy  for cancer  do no  they do not work together  .According to Gerson Therapy  even after completing  Chemotherapy  for over a year herbs has the ability to increase the Chemo effect at least 3 times more,

this is why many individuals die switching from one therapy to the other,

Herbal treatment can be very costly so if you do not have strong finances I suggest you do not start it.

You will need at least 13 glasses of juice 8 carrot,4 green and 1 orange these will supply the required minerals and vitamins.

with this protocol the body will lose weight rapidly. you may have to add moringa, hemp and alfalfa to supply other important nutrients some have  to even  take whey enema.

herb therapy is usually accompanied by nausea, weakness, and light headiness.

This is when the coffee fleet enema prove to be very effective in keep the individual stable.

 The Person will need potassium broth, high dosages of vitamin C. natural  distilled water .

To remove the toxin fast Epsom salt wrap and glow will be necessary.

The enema is very helpful for normal individuals who decide to do a colon cleans  just for normal detoxification, and health

Do not let any one try to sell you expensive enema bags. a disposable bag is just as effective as the top of the line expensive one.they are also easy to use  so check before you   are coerce  into buying a very expensive  bag Just do your search It is useless to spend extra  money in This COVID !9 pandemic, Reduce toxin in the blood with a simple coffee enema 

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