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It is sometimes very hard to find foods to provide protein otherwise from flesh and many of the meat anologs on the commercial market are made from soy bean which many are trying to avoid, The JICM Wellnes Centre has created  some substitutes which can be used to replace meat. The main ingredient is bean. They are so made that they provide the protein needed to maintain the body on a daily  basis. The texture is good and each can stand up to pressure with out breaking. The taste is also very good. Below are photo graph of the products.

 Bean Fillet made from Garbanzo beans .

Bean balls cand replace your beef balls                                                          
Bean Balls : Made from Green split peas  

Bean Sausage  made from red kidney beans

            Bean Steak Made from brown lintels


1.Nutrition. Eat foods from all nutrient groups

2.Exercise  Do exercise  at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

3.Water :Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily do not eat and drink

4. Sunshine :Spend  30-45 min. in the sunshine  each day

5. temperance: Avoid  the things that are  bad , do moderately good things

6. Air  :Sleep in a well ventilated room at nights

7. Rest : get 7-8 hours  of rest nightly  go to bed by  latest 10:00 pm

8. Trust Godly Trust: Putting your  trust  In the Divine  leads to better health

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