Unblocking Blocked tubes
It is important that your fallopian tubes are working properly if you want to get pregnant. It is also important that your hormones are also regulated.

  After trying the doctor and the doctor says you have a blocked tube what can you do. If you were given D and C and nothing happens what can you do. You may want to trr the following the following.

It is very important to follow a healthy dietary plan  see Dietary Guidelines
1.Three days fast on only juices vegetable and fruits. drink 6 times per day (Do not eat any food )
2. Take non enema bowel cleanse such as psyllium husk, and cascara 3 days per week eat light meals
3. Do an enema  using warm water and black coffee 3 days each week
4 Do a blood cleanse-Burdock use Red Clover Tea 3 times per day for 7 days

5.Take red raspberry and Don Qui or,Chaste Berry(Vitex) to balance hormones 3 times per day for 7 days
6. Put your hip in a tub of warm water for half hour each evening for 2 weeks.
7. Do a steam bath 1 time per week.

8. It is important that you rest and get all the nutrients you need. Follow the dietary guide It is important..
You may want to take a very good dietary supplement  like Nutrilite Women's  Pack  for thirty(30) days.

Repeat items 2-7 1 week then rest for 1 week then repeat 2 weeks more
Take Jamaican dog blood otherwise called infection bush one of the best Jamaica local herb for the problem.

 Now that you have unblocked your tubes you may want to have a go at trying at getting pregnant You can get the fertility tonic recipe for a small donation we will get it to you

his program is  for educational  purposes  and is not intended  to replace  proper medical care . Using it you do so at your own risk.
Prepared by:  Juliet Christie Murray

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