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  Weight Management            

Causes of weight gain or weight reduction
Weight gain  Aging, congestive heart  failure depression  diabetes, drug reaction. Edema, hormonal imbalance, Hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, lack of exercise, over eating , poor diet,
Weight loss aging, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia nervosa, cancer, chronic infection, depression, diabetes, hepatitis, mal-absorption,  syndrome, mononucleosis, Parkinson disease
Indication: Geared to help individuals who are obese ; Before this programmed is implemented. The individuals should take the following measurements weight and height is a must.
 Height--------- Weight------------------- Body Fat ------------   BMI------------------
He should determine how much is the final weight loss goal and how much is the weekly weight lost goal . A diet based on the caloric requirement should  be worked out  for the individual.
A quick reference calculation is . For  the first 5 feet  give 100 lbs for every additional 1 inch give  5-7 lbs extra  inch for female and 7-10 lbs  for each additional inch for male. The 3 lbs differences  is for the bones structure small, medium or large.

 Treatment Protocol

Protocol 1. 
If you stick to this protocol  
 you can lose weight without doing anything else or do this simple thing

-Walk 30 minutes each day.  In the sunshine.
-Do some strengthening and firming exercise
-Drink 6-8 glasses of water at room temperature
-Do not snack or eat between meals
-Do not eat and drink
-Drink ½ hour before meals and two hours after
-Do not add sugar to your drink.
-Do not drink juice unless for your treatment
=Eat the fruit or vegetable then drink water between meals
-Eat three meals a day heavy in the morning ,medium lunch -and light supper
-Do not eat less than 3 hours before going to beg
-Reduce your fat and flesh intake
-Reduce salt
-Make sure you get air in your bed room.
-Go to bed by 10Pm


-Reduce you flesh  intake or better yet do not eat them
-Do not prepare you meals with more than 1 tbsp of oil.
-Do not eat butter or margarine.
-Eat grains in the form of porridge, puddings. 
-Eat brown rice , brown -flower  bulgur   .
- Cut out white products, flour and rice and -sugar.
-Use a little honey or molasses for sweetening or none
-Eat plenty vegetable salads
-Eat ½ your plate of raw and blanched vegetables
-1/4  of  your plate of starch and
-1/4 for your plate for  protein in which all fats are trimmed from
flesh and add no butter to soy products or peas and beans.
The plate must not be  more than 2ins high,

If you feel hungry drink ice water drink or eat carrot sticks , then you would be snacking and you must not snack

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits if you are diabetic you must go easy on the sweet fruits.

Green juices –to build energy
-Take 2 tsp molasses  in the morning then
Immediately  drink 2 glasses of water preferable with lemon or lemon squeeze in.
-Drink 1 glass of fruit juice ,such as apple melons, pineapple,  grape etc

-Drink 2 glasses of  blended green unsweetened vegetable
juice daily.
 -juice may be made from  any two or three  such as cabbage, calaloo, spinach, lettuce , barley grass, Spirulina, Spanish   needle ( nettle) celery  etc
-All this will stabilize your blood sugar and increase your energy and supply you with minerals , vitamins and  detoxify  your blood.










Do a  non Enema Bowel cleanse
-mix 1 tbsp psyllium husk with 5 ozs water




Herbs Teas
Take one of the following each day no sugar
Alfalfa      yarrow      fenugreek    Uva ursi     ginger                         

Promote weight loss




Steam bath , Salt glow
Do each once a week Get rid of Toxins and increase circulation

Take 500 mg vitamic C
500 Cal/mag
1200mg. lecithin  tablet to reduce cholesterol

BMI Is used to check you body fat and see how you compare to the normal person your age and height
You can check yours here

Contributing Author: Juliet Christie Murray    Medical Missionary Hanover Jamaica
You  could visit the center or call for help if you are not able to do the practical sections of this educational protocol.
                                                    TALK TO A CONSULTANT
Disclaimer: This is not intended to diagnose , prescribe or treat a medical problem. It is intended to educate as to the alternatives available to the problems above. Please visit your medical doctor for your medical problems or concern you may have.  I therefore I release the J.I.C.M. Center and its subsidiaries of any liability arising from the use or miss use of the program protocol. My using this program protocol is entirely at my own risk and is an  indication that I agreed to the terms mentioned above.




Yeast infection is usually caused by a fungus Candida  Albicans which is normally found in the   mouth ,intestine and  the vagina
The chief factors for yeast infection  are
Diabetes                                 antibiotics
Pregnancy                              contraceptives
Declining  estrogen levels        male female transmission
Sometimes it is passed through the mouth

Symptoms are usually: itching, burning around vaginal area White vaginal discharge looking like cottage cheese,
Pain during intercourse, burning  urination

The remedy is to give lactobacillus   acidophilus  which is found in yogurt.
Choose unflavored  type  look at labels to ensure they are living cultures,

Add 2 tbsp acidophilus to I cup yogurt . Mix and keep in refrigerator
Put this in the vagina 5 nights in a row  using a tampon or a  syringe.
Sometimes  just taking the pill will cure the problem.

Consume 80% raw foods
Eat  no fruits, dairy ,meat refine products, bread ,sweet , chocolate nuts corn , beans, carbonated water  for 2 week then gradually add back  fruits

Eat vegetables in the morning fruits in the afternoon
Avoid all sweet fruits eat sub acid fruits.
After 2 weeks add ½ fruit if no problem gradually add more fruits
-after 4 weeks add sweets and beans

Take 300 mg Vt.B 6 daily
2 capsule kelp 3xdaily
1-2 cups peach leaf tea when in pain

Drink  anti –yeast  Use each of the following herb in 1qt water  use 6 tbsp  make tea  ,drink 3 cups daily  with cranberry  juice
Sage 2parts                                 Mullien 2 parts
Raspberry 2 parts                       Goldenseal ½ part

Drink sleep time tea made with 2 tbsp each valerian, catnip, hops in 1 qrt  water

Take a steam bath and a salt glow

 Use a  suppository  Garlic
1 clove garlic wrap in thin gauze and twist that there is a tail.
Rub a small amount of oil on it and insert into the vaginal cavity

Insert a fresh one every 3- hours uses 3-5 days until infection is gone.

You may douche with apple cider vinegar and water or insert a tampon of 3 parts water  to 1 part vinegar
do same time  as above

N.B You may have to treat  your male counterpart. Use olive oil in which garlic stand in 1-2 days. It must be very mild for a man to prevent burning
Yeast infection that return maybe a sign of diabetes or aids.






Contributing Author : Juliet Christie Murray
Medical Missionary –Hanover Jamaica



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