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Saturday, February 4, 2012




Yeast infection is usually caused by a fungus Candida  Albicans which is normally found in the   mouth ,intestine and  the vagina
The chief factors for yeast infection  are
Diabetes                                 antibiotics
Pregnancy                              contraceptives
Declining  estrogen levels        male female transmission
Sometimes it is passed through the mouth

Symptoms are usually: itching, burning around vaginal area White vaginal discharge looking like cottage cheese,
Pain during intercourse, burning  urination

The remedy is to give lactobacillus   acidophilus  which is found in yogurt.
Choose unflavored  type  look at labels to ensure they are living cultures,

Add 2 tbsp acidophilus to I cup yogurt . Mix and keep in refrigerator
Put this in the vagina 5 nights in a row  using a tampon or a  syringe.
Sometimes  just taking the pill will cure the problem.

Consume 80% raw foods
Eat  no fruits, dairy ,meat refine products, bread ,sweet , chocolate nuts corn , beans, carbonated water  for 2 week then gradually add back  fruits

Eat vegetables in the morning fruits in the afternoon
Avoid all sweet fruits eat sub acid fruits.
After 2 weeks add ½ fruit if no problem gradually add more fruits
-after 4 weeks add sweets and beans

Take 300 mg Vt.B 6 daily
2 capsule kelp 3xdaily
1-2 cups peach leaf tea when in pain

Drink  anti –yeast  Use each of the following herb in 1qt water  use 6 tbsp  make tea  ,drink 3 cups daily  with cranberry  juice
Sage 2parts                                 Mullien 2 parts
Raspberry 2 parts                       Goldenseal ½ part

Drink sleep time tea made with 2 tbsp each valerian, catnip, hops in 1 qrt  water

Take a steam bath and a salt glow

 Use a  suppository  Garlic
1 clove garlic wrap in thin gauze and twist that there is a tail.
Rub a small amount of oil on it and insert into the vaginal cavity

Insert a fresh one every 3- hours uses 3-5 days until infection is gone.

You may douche with apple cider vinegar and water or insert a tampon of 3 parts water  to 1 part vinegar
do same time  as above

N.B You may have to treat  your male counterpart. Use olive oil in which garlic stand in 1-2 days. It must be very mild for a man to prevent burning
Yeast infection that return maybe a sign of diabetes or aids.






Contributing Author : Juliet Christie Murray
Medical Missionary –Hanover Jamaica



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