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The master cleanse

otherwise called the lemonade diet has been developed to help individuals correct their stubborn health problems .It is used to clean toxins from the blood and to remove stubborn fecal waste from the colon and used to reduce weight.
Step 0ne

(a) .Cleansing tea
1. Pack herbal  cleansing tea  ( start by drinking evening) then each night of the cleansing days
(b).Salt water wash (made with sea salt and spring /purified water)
  Drink 4 8 ozs. glasses of salt water was  all at once each morning)
Step two
 (a ) The Maple syrup Lemonade (. Mix  all the ingredients below)
    1 tbsp lemon/lime juice
   2.tbsp genuine grade A maple syrup
    1-10 tsp cayenne pepper (as much as you can tolerate)
    1 .ten  ozs  glass purified water (or  medium hot)
Take 6-12 glasses  of this mixture  daily  during the waking period ( Do for 10 days) you can do up to 40 days if strong or very ill  Example  2 breakfast  1 break  2 lunch 1 break  2 dinner  and 2 when needed or when hungry.


For the entire  Master cleanse fast

-Do not take any food or drink for these cleansing days.
-Do not take any supplement
If diabetic  or  if want  to lose weight reduce the syrup, in some of the mixture. If want to gain increase the syrup

Step Three Coming off the master cleanse

How to break fast
1st day plain vegetable juice
2nd day fruit and vegetable juice
3 days light vegetable soup
4th day normal eating. (Reduce flesh, and dairy, white flour, rice ,sugar . Eat lots of vegetable and fruits.

   What are the purposes for taking the master cleanse.

1. To dissolve toxins and congestion in any part of the body
2.   To clean and purify glands and cells throughout the entire body
3. To eliminate all un-usable waste and harden matter in joints.
4. To relieve pressure and irritation in nerves , arteries and blood vessels.
 5.To build healthy blood stream
6. To keep youth and elasticity of muscles and organs
9. To help remove disease in body

When to use the master cleanse

1. When sickness develop. Use for all acute chronic condition
2. When the digestion organs need a rest and cleaning
3. When overweight has become a problem
4. When better assimilation is need
5.When there is the need  and necessity to build

How to Use
Follow the diet for at least 10 days or more  maximum up to forty is possible. You will not feel acute hunger the maple syrup will sustain you. You will lose weight over a sustained period.
No food , no drinks  no supplement , no alcohol during the fast only the cleansing tea, the salt water wash  and the lemonade must be taken for the whole  duration of the fast.
 As with all health programs You should consult your  health  doctor before starting if you  have major or minor health concerns.

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